Special Report: How Mario Draghi is reshaping Europe's central bank

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benevolent wrote:

EC and ECB mind-control_ many politicians and business people in Europe. They
manipulate financial markets, require high interest rate, require low-price
This is done with small implants in the head (sometimes involuntary)and
wireless technology, European Parliament calls it “converging technology”. Essentially a sensor is connected to nerves and the brain
teaches itself to recognize the single in this way the thoughts of a person
can be received and also send to him/her. I found such device implanted in my
sinuses with FMRI. I studied at CEU – sponsored by Soros, and Rostowski, the
financial minister of Poland was teaching there (he is also mind_ contolled), Bokrosh – European Parliament as well.
Behind Soros, actually are EC and ECB – the owners and beneficiaries of the
technology. It is not done for security, because I worked for the Bulgarian_
National Bank and I was threatened with this technology to make credit
expansion for the bank cartel (CEU is teaching the central banks in CEE this
actually). From BNB the mind-controlled Staty Statev, Kalin Hristov, Mariela Nenova, Andrey Vassilev, Rosen Rozenov, Grigor Stoevsky, Kristina Karagyozova, Tzvetan Tzalinsky lost 20 bln at stock exchange, 10 bln bad loans, tens of bilions at housing market.
I also met Papademos at a Austrian Central Bank Conference, while he was in
ECB, and I believe he is also mind-controlled. Tha same is valid for Spain, Italy, Greece.

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Tiu wrote:


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