Boeing Dreamliner incidents raise safety concerns

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JL4 wrote:

I’m not getting in one of those planes, and you shouldn’t either.

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Quatermass wrote:

The public doesn’t hear everything that is happening with this plane. There are tons of problems with the avionics that aren’t exactly advertised. This is well beyond normal “teething problems” – the 777 didn’t have these issues. The problem is with Boeing’s, or I should say, McDonnell Douglas’s “management” priorities.

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americanguy wrote:

Normal teething problems on a new aircraft.
Just like a new model car has problems.
Not one of those issues would crash the plane.
I know, I am a pilot, and have flown smaller private aircraft.
As modern as it is, the 787 has the most advance safety systems in the world, and is likely the safest aircraft in the world.
Of course there are always people who are jealous of America’s superiority in the aircraft field or who do not know what they are talking about.
Check out the Airbus 350 if you want to see REAL problems on a new aircraft.
The A300 has had tails fall off in flight and deaths.
America is the world leader in civilian and military aircraft.
Get real, clueless America haters.

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stevedebi wrote:

Indeed, the A300 that crashed in New York was due to the pilot input causing the tail to fall off. So far as I know, the only fix was to tell the pilots not to fly like that…

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majkmushrm wrote:

@quatermass… What precisely does McDonnell Douglas have to do with the commercial airplane company? The 787 came out of the commercial airplane company in Everett, none of it that I’m aware of came out of Defense Systems in St. Louis.

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