As public fumes, AIG says will not sue U.S. over bailout

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

I have never heard of an employer sueing it’s hired employees. It looks a little fishy, AIG and others already run the government, so how can they lose. They’ll just tell congress and the president to admit guilt, and they will comply with the bosses orders.

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AlkalineState wrote:

“Comedian Andy Borowitz drafted a mock letter from the company to taxpayers, asking for more bailout money to pay for the cost of the lawsuit.’

pretty much sums it up.

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crittertron wrote:

“MOAR!” –(AIG chewing a giant pig-fat sandwich while tugging on a cigar)

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Sanity-Monger wrote:

They are complaining that 14.5% interest was exorbitant. If they win the lawsuit, perhaps we can in turn sue the credit card companies. Oh wait, what am I thinking? For a minute there I was dreaming that the laws of the land applied to all of us equally.

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ConradU812 wrote:

To the President and Congress:


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AlkalineState wrote:

Job creators.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

AIG is another reason that my partners and I are glad to be running businesses in China. We served in Special Forces, invested money we could not spend, moved our money to Asia in 1999 when we learned that US companies were lying about profits, and moved most of our money to China because it was becoming the biggest economy. The US Dot Bomb Bubble of 2000, the US Accounting Scandal of 2002-2003, and the US Financial Scandal of 2008 to the present proved that US technology, corporate, and financial leaders were liars, thieves, and criminals. The failure of the Bush and Obama regimes to prosecute more than a few crooks did not make the crimes legal; it made the Bush and Obama regimes “accessories after the fact” to the crimes. (Look up the legal term in quotations.) The US economy remains in the hands of crooks; the Bush regime was a criminal organization; and the Obama regime is a criminal organization.

In addition to money, we earned advanced college degrees during our decades in the US military. We are using our knowledge, skills, hard work ethic, and financial resources to make China the dominant super power. We develop technology for agriculture, aquaculture, water purification, desalination, food processing, energy, biotechnology, computers, telecommunications, aerospace, and defense. Sometimes, we visit our remaining properties in the US, but we won’t invest or use our skills for the US until it prosecutes its corporate crooks and the criminals in the Bush and Obama regimes.

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americanguy wrote:

And we the people will meet on filing our own lawsuits against AIG.
Think I am joking?
Wait and see.
AIG does business in every state which puts lawsuit jurisdiction in every state. We can find rules they violated in every state, and then we can sue them in every state, on multiple lawsuits, in multiple cities, costing them hundreds of millions in legal fees.
We can sue in small claims court, or in circuit court, and do not need to be a lawyer to sue them. Thousands can file lawsuits in every county in every state. We can wipe AIG out for this frivolous lawsuit.

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JerrySlevin wrote:

Amazingly, AIG’s top lawyer, Thomas Russo, used to be Lehman Brothers’ top lawyer before it tanked under his “legal leadership. Tim Geithner must have blessed his hiring by AIG. There is little shame on Wall Street and little oversight from the White House! And US taxpayers are again left holding the bag. Amazing and sad, very sad!

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AlkalineState wrote:

AIG fails to gather public support for suing….. public.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

The change in the article’s title is one hopeful sign after 20 years of criminal misconduct by the US economy and regime. Someone paid attention, but we must see many more improvements made in the US.

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Upstate184 wrote:

Hank Greenberg should be in prison.

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AlkalineState wrote:

If corporations are people too…. maybe it’s time to kick AIG out of the bar for being such a stupid pain in the ass.

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garilou wrote:

If Greenberg is (retroactively) unhappy, he should sue AIG for not acting in it’s best interest as investor.

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Dear Congress, please revoke AIG’s corporate charter and send a message to them all. Set an example. The God known as Government giveth, and that God can also taketh away.

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okflowerchild wrote:

And just where do they think their shareholders would have been without the egregious bailout?

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