New York governor declares public health emergency to combat flu

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kiwibird wrote:

The anti-flu drug Tamiflu has been stockpiled by countries against the outbreak of a flu pandemic since 2004. Yesterday, the British Medical Journal launched a campaign to persuade Roche to give doctors and patients the full data on Tamiflu, three years after doubts about its safety and efficacy emerged. Quote from article… to see full article go to… type in Tamiflu.

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divinargant wrote:

This is all the fault of hurricane Sandy…there, fixed that.

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AZWarrior wrote:

“No pain pills for you!” Mayor Cuomo, The Drug Nazi

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r.u.crazy wrote:

And the quality of life in New York continues it’s downward spiral. How about it Cuomo and Bloomberg, is it still a good idea to support immorality or will it take another disaster before it gets your attention? Oh, that’s right, YOU don’t see the connection or read the bible. Never mind.

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umojaresearch wrote:

Eighteen nurses were fired for not taking a forced Flu Shot. If you think about it, everyone who takes the shot is a walking host, giving illness to healthy people.

There should be a Law that makes the Drug Companies and Doctors Prove these Flu Shots and any other Immunizations are not only Safe, but guaranteed to stop the Flu without harming anyone, especially children and babies.

The real dangers of Vaccines can be better understood by watching the DVD, “Vaccines, What DCD Documents and Science Reveal”, by Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny. After viewing it you’ll think twice abut taking any medical injections.

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kiwibird wrote:

umojaresearch. I understand that flu shots do NOT contain live viruses so can not be passed on. Side affects from vaccines are caused by other issues like the compounds involved.

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NewsLady wrote:

This is idiotic on several levels:

1. It’s the FLU! Public health “emergency”?! You’d think he was worried about bubonic plague.

2. The flu vaccine only protects against ONE kind of flu, the kind that public health “experts” think will be most prevalent. Often they’re wrong. It makes your body produce tons of antibodies against one virus which you may or may not catch, and if a different virus comes along, your body doesn’t have the capacity to produce antibodies against it as a result of the flu shot and you are MORE likely to succumb to the virus. People who get a flu shot one year are MORE likely to get the flu the next year, due to their natural antibody production’s being compromised by the shot.

3. Injecting a 6-month-old with influenza antibodies is pernicious, reckless, and irresponsible. There’s a reason they don’t do it. Where did Dr. Cuomo get his M.D.?

Do some reporting, Reuters. Stop taking the talking heads’ word for everhthing, especially when there’s so much evidence to the contrary.

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sylvan wrote:

Hey NewsLady:
Your post is idiotic on several levels:
1. It’s the FLU!. More Americans die from flu each year by far than from bubonic plague, which is a bacterial disease, not viral, and is spread by rodents primarily….so quite off-topic on every level.
2. Only one kind of flu virus predominates annually, so every year, designated virologists dictate what strain of flu vaccines will be produced to protect against the predominating circulating strain, which is why you need flu shots every year. The body making antibodies is a good thing and confers protection against invading viruses. This year’s vaccine is 62% effective. To state that antibody production is compromised by a vaccine is wrong, false, and shows you have no idea what you are talking about, at all; vaccines exists because they yield increased antibody protection by introducing a dead or weakened form of a potential infecting antigen to confer immunological protection proactively.
3. Influenza doesn’t/can’t make antibodies: it is a virus. Host mammals make antibodies in response to viral antigens. Flu vaccine is composed of attenuated antigens. Live antibodies are routinely administered to immunocompromised infants under six months of age for certain viruses, like respiratory syncytial virus, where producing a vaccine has proven ineffective. Vaccines of all types are routinely administered to infants

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Is there anything left for a human being to endure that isn’t a “public health concern” in need of the paternal government to “do something about”?

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gregbrew56 wrote:

Thank you, sylvan!

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