Budget cut likely to hit most Pentagon civilian workers: analyst

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Vuenbelvue wrote:

“The Clarksville Leaf Chronicle” newspaper, of Clarksville, Tn, the major city next to Army base Ft. Campbell, Ky in a December 2012 article showed that approximately 31,500 active duty on base and 8,500 civilian employees. That is one civilian for each 4 servicemen and does not include construction contractors and their employees that work on building/renovation projects.

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bw222 wrote:

When I was in the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB, civilians outnumbered military. There weren’t many civilains who put in a good day’s work. It’s like any business – budget cuts require layoffs.

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OneOfTheSheep wrote:

Sounds like we’ve identified a government kettle full of FAT! This is where cuts need to be made. I am reminded of school districts where taxpayers turn down a bond issue, and it’s school bus service that “administration” cuts FIRST as “voter punishment”.

If bureaucrats living the Washington “good life” at taxpayer expense for decades are unable or unwilling to rotate duties, cover what must be covered, and put in effort more comparable to that necessary in the “real world” and “do their part” to put this country back on the road to fiscal sustainability, I say FIRE THEM!

We can’t just keep doing what we’re doing and expecting different results!

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SvenBolin wrote:

There are other ways like laying off 15prc of the staff or reducing everybody’s wages by the same prc . Austerity is a bitch! Ask the Greeks.

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