Boeing top engineer says he's confident 787 is safe

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Robert76 wrote:

Every new product has bugs in the early stages. Might not be a bad idea to fix the bugs before delivering to customers.

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velsonow wrote:

This is what you get for outsourcing. Chalk it up to a lesson learned and move production back to Boeing proper.

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counterviews wrote:

What would you expect Boeing’s top engineer to say, the 787 is a death trap? So this story is non-value adding; this is a non-event. If someone in the FAA had stepped up and made this statement it would have impact.

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AZWarrior wrote:

A thermal event with the main battery on an aircraft that is absolutely uncontrollable without electrical power is not “safe” and Boeing knows that. Dual engine failure may be a rare event, but it can and does happen. Ask Captain Sullinburger. To get a restart, you need to get the nose down. Not doable without electrical power on a fly by wire aircraft with a dead battery. This aircraft was pushed into service too soon due to Boeing’s cost overruns and this is the proof.

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1WorldDone wrote:

The most important issues:

All new plane designs have teething problems.

None of these problems have been life threatening as there are backup systems for most everything on a plane. Even the battery fire was presupposed and, therefore designed with backup fire supression in the event of an in-air fire.

It’s important to report on these issues as the media have done because everyone is entitled to know what’s happening and how it’s being corrected.

With the current number of 787s flying there have now been enough flight hours to prove the 787 is a safe and reliable plane in every area that counts, i.e. no wings/fuselage breaking or cracking, etc.

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TomKi wrote:

Let me see:
- aux power unit failure on brand new plane
- fuel leaks
- engine failure
- battery fire in belly causing major damage
- cockpit electrical shutdowns
- major fire on test plane
- wing joint failure on test plan

‘Just teething problems. Nothing to worry. Keep on flying.’

Here my response: Fire the chief engineer! Put on notice to yank the Type Certificate. You got 30 days to fix everything. Or do we have to wait for this?

Breaking Headline: 787 Nightmare liner disappears over Atlantic ocean after radioing smoke in cabin.
Chief engineer: Just a glitch. Happens all the time. Not a thing to worry.

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WJL wrote:

We want truth and transparency. Lives are at stake and there is no place for public relations cover up.

3 serious incidents in 3 days in such a small fleet is screaming UNSAFE’.

1. Fire in a plastic plane flying at high speed at high altitudes is obviously dangerous. This is not the first incident of electrical faults.

2. Fuel leakages are deadly combined with electrical fires and there is a risk of explosion

3. Trying to land is obviously BIG TROUBLE.

Trust me. Famous last words!!!

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sylvan wrote:

Oh, now we can rest easily; kind of like when Blankfein and Dimon assure us the investment banks are AAA; or the NRA suggests putting armed guards in kindergartens.

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