Northern Ireland struggles to put bloody past behind it

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sylvan wrote:

Reuters should clarify this is not a continuation of the troubles. It is all one sided, and simply some sorehead UK loyalists that are mad that the British Union Jack isn’t flying over another country’s soil 24/7. The Brits treat the Irish maybe even worse than too Americans treat people of color; so the uncivilized tyrants of the UK loyalists are throwing a violent, anarchic, hissy fit. Kind of a small scale replication of what Cameron wants to do to the rest of Europe. Someone should tell the small island queendom they are causing lots more trouble than they are worth.

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I’m British, and to me the community involved here seem to have been a part of a ‘modernity is disloyalty’ culture that eschewed both the education and work opportunities on offer.

In the community seems to be members of the old paramilitaries whose modus operandi encourages the disassociation. They are doing it now to prevent people abd elected representatives from talking. They are in my view indistinguishable from islamist extremists in the way they behave, and need the disorder to cover criminal activities, drugs being the usual one.

The flag should not be flown at all in my opinion, it is an inclusive British flag, not to be misused by these historical relics for self aggrandizement.

I welcome other people’s thoughts on this.

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RandomName2nd wrote:

Don’t worry, I’m sure the Pope and the Queen will do the right thing and do their utmost to try to get Catholics and Protestants to end their stupid, centuries old, eye for an eye grudge match…….any day now.

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act1 wrote:

They’re not called “Fighting Irish” for nothing. Give them an excuse and we’re treated to a knock-down full scale donnybrook. Chips do keep flying off their shoulders.

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BADHABIT12 wrote:

Northern Ireland struggles to put bloody past behind it as it gets ready for its bloody future.

The above is a more accurate description of the present day political realities. I am sure there will be an article shortly with a Title shouting to the heavens above how surprised everyone was when violence broke out (again).

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