Venezuela's sick Chavez misses own inauguration bash

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Venerability wrote:

Much of the “Twittering” has been proven to come from exiles and others supporting the Opposition – meaning it can be discounted. In fact, one prominent “Twitterer” was arrested yesterday.

Although I am not a medical doctor, I would like to offer one possible reason for the “no photos” restriction:

My Dad suffered the EXACT same series of complications as Senor Chavez following a heart valve operation when he was Senor Chavez’s age.

He lived another 32 years! although, of course, cancer is much more threatening.

But the relevant part of the story is that this series of complications, because of the lung involvement, makes the patient swell up horribly, especially around the face, making him look like a frightening monster. For a couple of weeks, it was truly scary to view my Dad – a very handsome man, by the way. He looked like The Blob.

If that is happening to Senor Chavez, one could see why his family and associates would absolutely not want to release any photos.

Medical doctors might want to comment on this.

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JTN wrote:

Nicholas Maduro will not be hard to beat, he will be impossible to beat. Venezuelans are certain to continue the very popular Bolivarian Revolution, if President Chavez does not survive or is unable to serve.

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