Images of a dead bin Laden still dangerous: U.S. lawyer

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xyz2055 wrote:

This guy is worm food….let’s move on.

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Meh. Osama was an ugly cuss when he was alive. I’d say I can do without knowing what he looked like dead.

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CitizenAbroad wrote:

“They’re telling us that could result in death – not just the release of secret information, but death,” Garland said. “Is that not something we should defer to?”

A very serious concern by Americans living in unstable parts of the world is a new US law called FATCA that will require foreign banks to identify American citizens doing business with them and gather other kinds of information about them. An editorial called “FATCA’s Security Problem” in a Lebanon publication in December has highlighted how dangerous this data collection could be:

“However, there is one aspect of FATCA that has not been sufficiently examined, but that remains potentially hazardous. The American government is effectively asking foreign institutions to prepare detailed data bases of American citizens, with no guidelines explaining how this information must be protected. For a country obsessed with the security of its citizens in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, such behavior is paradoxical, indeed astonishing.

Foreign financial institutions will effectively become vast repositories of information on Americans—including what they earn, the sources of their income, what they spend, where they live, who their family members are, and so on. In their zeal to implicitly label Americans living abroad as tax cheats requiring monitoring, the sponsors of FATCA have shown utter indifference to the safety of their citizens.

In some countries, the American authorities are well aware that their enemies have ready access to financial institutions. The Lebanese Canadian Bank scandal, in which bank managers were accused of helping Hezbollah launder money, showed that this was true in Lebanon. What is to prevent anti-American groups elsewhere from gaining access to data on American citizens, and possibly using this to their advantage? FATCA helps make it eminently possible.

Strangely, we have heard nothing about FATCA from the State Department, which is responsible for Americans overseas. At a time when American embassies regularly issue advisories to citizens to guarantee their safety, we are seeing the IRS asking institutions abroad to gather the most sensitive facts on Americans, with no oversight. The irresponsibility is breathtaking. Worse, because FATCA imposes pariah status on Americans abroad, whatever rightful protest they have against the legislation will sound suspicious.”

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