One student critically wounded in California school shooting

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

But I thought CA had an assault rifle ban? How could this possibly happen?

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randburg100 wrote:

Just remember folks….it’s his constitutional right to trot around with an arsenal..if he’s completely insane, that’s his right too…you guys asked & you received.

Oh & for the record….I’m in the UK..not a Republican or Democrat or Tea Party or mormon or moron or scientologist or islamic fruit cake…..

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Whys333 wrote:

Damn it. God damn it.

Stop the culture of violence that pervades our society! Stop the bullying in our public schools. Stop marketing grossly violent video games to children. Start providing adequate student counseling. Start providing adequate psychological services to those in need. We need early detection of individuals with violent ideologies. There are other countries that manage to do all these things. And If Apple thinks it need the protection of a security guard in every store, then why not a ‘good guy with a gun’ in every school? Are our children’s lives less valuable than our devices?

Damn it.

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BorderGrown wrote:

There isn’t a state with more gun control laws in this country than CA… When will people realize that regardless of laws you make or have violence in this country will continue to happen??? Gun control means using both hands folks.

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HelpAmerica wrote:

Closets should be made bullet proof. Until America grows up.

Jan 10, 2013 1:44pm EST  --  Report as abuse
smeagol wrote:

randburg100 – You mean the UK where they have the highest rate of violent crime in the EU? Even higher than the US. Is that the UK you are talking about?

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SteveMD2 wrote:

the merchants of death at it again – enjoying the money they made of their instruments of death

Another commentator said that he thought CA had a ban on assualt weapons. Shows you how idiotic he and his brethren are. In the military we used to practice with a 45 cal pistol and pumpkins. It didnt just make a 1/2 inch hole – it litterally exploded the pumpkin

As I’ve said before the NRA and their pals – many of them are so far gone off the rails that they would justify the killing by guns of their own family as ok per the second amendment.

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carlo151 wrote:

smeagol, the UK is not in the EU.

And crime rate numbers can be twisted to make things look better then they are.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“Another commentator said that he thought CA had a ban on assualt weapons. Shows you how idiotic he and his brethren are. In the military we used to practice with a 45 cal pistol and pumpkins. It didnt just make a 1/2 inch hole – it litterally exploded the pumpkin”

What branch of the military were you in? You do know that a Pumpkin is not human right. It has no bones, no “meat” to it, and it is hollow. If you want to see what a gun does to flesh, shoot a piece of meat, not a pumpkin…

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rokid wrote:

@Jameson4Lunch – CA does have an assault weapon and large capacity magazine ban. Perhaps that’s why only two people were wounded, not 20+ killed.

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lawgone wrote:

Too bad there wasn’t an armed person on school property that could have possibly prevented it, but its a gun free zone so people are sitting ducks and cannot defend themselves from criminals intent on doing harm. They have to wait in fear until people with guns arrive and hope they can get there before someone gets murdered.

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Crash866 wrote:

Wait for the facts folks

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oh no, we need new gun control laws, hurry the sky is falling, the sky is falling please surrender your guns to the nearest government/tyranny control office, also surrender any bats, knives, jack handles, bricks or rocks you possess IMMEDIATELY the president is about to issue an executive order that all citizens must comply, PLEASE…

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ConradU812 wrote:


The UK joined the EU in 1973.

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Crash866 wrote:

Sunshine and lollipops the world isn’t and no matter how hard you try it won’t EVER be. Grow up.

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kkong164 wrote:

@seren37: Are you a liar or simply stupid?

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smeagol wrote:

I know that. Maybe you could convince carlo151. He doesn’t seem to be aware of that little known fact.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

“A second student received minor injuries while falling over a table trying the flee the classroom, and a third student was taken to a hospital complaining of hearing loss from the sound of a gun blast, Youngblood said.”

Hmm the headline earlier implied that two people had been shot. I feel sorry for the media, I am sure a heftier body count would have been much better for business. Maybe you can change the headlines and list 600 injured due to the incident and state that 597 suffered from physical stress.

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Azza9 wrote:

Dude… Not really your place to launch such emotionality charged and unfounded comments.
One of these yankees ought’a tell you to but out…
Of course I’m sure they would welcome a rational non combative outsider opinion, but not what you just typed…

Listen to that Crash866, waiting for facts alone makes him/her look vastly more rational then most commenter you see here.

I am more curious as to why the kid did what he did more then BS gun control politics.

Jan 10, 2013 11:16pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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