Gunman critically wounds student in California school

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americanguy wrote:

The armed police officer was out the day of the shooting.
Just a coincidence I am sure.
Yea, the NRA is wrong that armed guards would prevent shootings.
There have been 11 mass school killings in Canada since 1975.
Canada has gun control.
“In 1969, Bill C-150 created categories of “non-restricted,” “restricted” and “prohibited” weapons. Police were also given preventive powers of search and seizure by judicial warrant if they had grounds to believe that weapons that belonged to an individual endangered the safety of society.”
And then they had 11 different mass killings in schools.
I think that settles that.
Embrace the truth, it will not harm you.

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McBob08 wrote:

How many, NRA? How many, Gun Lobby? How many young lives need to be endangered or taken away before you get your heads out of your arses and start paying attention to reality? You’ve formed a narcissistic religion out of gun ownership that doesn’t exist in any other nation (and, oddly enough, no other Western nation has the problems with gun crime that America has). It’s time to destroy that religion and start thinking healthy, sensible thoughts about gun control.

Oh, and for you would-be “revolutionaries”; the Second Amendment DOES NOT PROTECT your right to own a gun to overthrown the government if it gets out of control. In fact, the Second Amendment specifies that insurgency is one of the things it exists to fight against. The Second Amendment exists to PROTECT the government. So get those “overthrow the government” idiot ideas out of your heads, because the Constitution DOES NOT SUPPORT such actions.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

No doubt there is some NRA groupie shouting at the top of his or her lungs at Piers Morgan that he is the cause of this shooting. It just fits in with all their other mindless ranting.

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Aldo1887 wrote:

Mcboob and FatGirl, try reading the 2nd Amendment first, then comment, next, you realize that California already has all of these unnecessarily restrictive laws that you are wringing your hands and crying yourselves to sleep over, how did that work today? What makes you think it is going to change tomorrow?

Instead of getting your panties in a wad and wishing your unicorn could fart rainbows that would magically make all of the 310 million modern firearms built in the last 100 years disappear, why not acknowledge reality, they are here, and here to stay, and find a way to work with that reality instead of just with your damp dreams?

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

Aldo, you are just plain rude. It’s the NRA I Hate, NOT Guns, so get used to it.

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AndrewBinga wrote:

Americanguy, are you a conspiracy nut who just can’t accept the fact that the police were not at school that day?

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AndrewBinga wrote:

Awwwhhh…the whiny lib hates the NRA.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:


I’m sure that if you are not already a card carrying member of the NRA, you will be soon.

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Abulafiah wrote:

Yet again, the gun used was obtained from a ‘responsible, law-abiding gun owner’. You know… the ones who insist they don’t need regulating.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Most guns owners are *not* responsible. That is why they need regulating.

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PKFA wrote:

Why is it that those who ardently defend the rights of mentally ill individuals against involuntary treatment/commitment are so determined to limit the right of the healthy to own weapons with which to defend themselves? What IS it about that mindset? Rights for the insane; curbs on the sane. It boggles the mind… The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

So, time to ban 12 gauges. And .22s. Probably best to ban crossbows, knives, and hatchets, too. Just to be safe. Better ban the internet too, so these mass killers don,t
turn to the traditional tools of explosives with the help of google.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

More stolen guns? Wake up people and secure your Firearms. It’s really too bad that Joe biden is more concerned about gun grabbing, then ammo tracking, increaseing gun safes, and mental heath screening.

@ Americanguy, heres a link for you

@Buffalogirl, its hard not to join the NRA when us law abiding gun owners see this blistering display of ignorance about firearms.

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jaham wrote:

@abulafish wrote: “Most guns owners are *not* responsible”

Do you have anything to substantiate such an outlandish claim?

Or is this yet another instance where you assert your opinion as a supposed fact?

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jaham wrote:

@McBob08…Again, so how would a ban on semi-auto rifles and limited mag size have stopped this tragedy from occurring?

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BuffaloGirl wrote:


Your comment exemplifies the very stuff that is so aggravating about NRA proponents. You take it to the extreme and then insinuate that is what non NRA people want. This is ridiculous! Many people, my self included, do not believe all guns should be banned. Certainly not shot guns and .22s. Nor do we believe, as many have accused, that we believe magically that all gun violence will end. You are a great example of the immaturity that comes from NRA proponents.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

Jaham and MetalHead8

The same goes for you.

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Abulafiah wrote:

jaham wrote:
“@abulafish wrote: “Most guns owners are *not* responsible”

Do you have anything to substantiate such an outlandish claim?

Or is this yet another instance where you assert your opinion as a supposed fact?”

You are asking a question that is already answered. Try again, and if you still fail to understand what I said let me know, and I will dumb it down for you.

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