France bombs Mali rebels, African states ready troops

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quatra wrote:

I guess the French troops brought in some serious hardware that needs to be checked out. And they don’t lose time with interviews with glamorous 4-stars, self-centered diplomats, congresses, the UN, secretaries of state, spokespersons, etc. Oh, and they still got the Foreign Legion.

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theobvious wrote:

So outta all the advanced military powers in the world, the french are showing the biggest stones …..

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Imperialism never sleeps…

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OmarMinyawi wrote:


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westernshame wrote:

theobvious wrote:

So outta all the advanced military powers in the world, the french are showing the biggest stones …..


or it could have to do with France wanting to keep its stranglehold or Mali’s natural resources

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mountainrose wrote:

Just bringing democracy and the western way of life, one way or the other, to the heathens who don’t always appreciate everything outsiders are trying to do for them. Good for the French GDP too,moral also after being downgraded by S&P, should help

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OmarMinyawi wrote:


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Why is no-one talking about who is funding the “Islamists?”

I consider it very likely they are being financed by the Columbian or Mexican cartels. In 2009 smugglers flew a Boeing 727 airliner registration J5-GCU from Venezuela to a Northern Mali airstrip with 10 tons of cocaine, then wrecked the plane and dispersed the drugs. (Logic: drugs worth far more than the plane). If you search around the aircraft registration you’ll get a fair number of reports about what happened and who was involved.

Here’s one story from 2009:

It’s the who that has scared the French stiff. Its a long list.

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EU_Hold_On wrote:

This military deployment is strategic for France.

First Mali has a huge ore potential, and Areva (french company) has a uranium mine.
Then it will a live show for French military technologies. This will be used to be more attractive regarding major buyers (India, U.A.E…).
Last but not least, a mediatisation of this intervention will blunt the unpopularity of the current government.

Nice move by M. Hollande there.

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ExRepublican2 wrote:

And the weak shall perish…

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Mandingo wrote:

People who cut off other peoples hands and don’t allow music and stone people to death have no place in world society .. this should be the norm from now .. no more saying the Master of the Universe said to do these things in the little religious book we have ..

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JeffDorsey wrote:

“More than two decades of peaceful elections had earned Mali a reputation as a bulwark of democracy – but that image unraveled in a matter of weeks after a military coup last March that paved the way for the Islamist rebellion.”

The facade of democracy existed with rigged elections and co-opting of politicians from across the spectrum for the purpose of looting of the State. Corruption was massive at the level of the presidency where donor assistance, private contracts and government purchases and kickbacks from the drugs trade and ransom payments for hostages were all tapped for private benefit. When the former president turned tail and left, taking his crack troops from the front with him, 64% of Malians were glad he had left and most were not the least concerned that this happened when new elections were scheduled since most doubted that they would be held at all. The image of democracy crumbled because it never existed in reality, and was found only in the minds of gullible donors who confused rigged elections with representative democracy.

On a positive note, Malian forces lost 8 soldiers killed and many wounded. Malians are very pleased with this victory and look forward to the recapture of Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal.

Dr. Jeff Dorsey, Miami, FL, USA

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Democracy is such a convoluted word in Africa and for that matter in the M.E. This attack has taken everyone by surprise, like someone mentioned above France has vested interests in the mines of Mali. This may well put the french in harms way worldwide by moslem extremist.
Why not do the same for Syria and save the syrian people from the tyrant Assad? I guess you need stones to stand up to Russia.

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NotIslam wrote:

France could talk to Islamists. You know how you can talk to these Muslims. Oh by the way, our we talking about Muslims or Islamists…which stupid term do you want to use for them. Just kill them, they aren’t covered as being human. No loss. Thank you France go at them

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