Pentagon ordered to begin steps to offset impact of looming defense cuts

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justinolcb wrote:

wait – has anyone at the Pentagon ever met “Prudence”?? do they even know who she is??

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Wasn’t that one of the General’s mistresses?

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joe10082 wrote:

They should start at the top of the management!

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Senator Lieberman an independent and our recent vice president nominee Rep Paul Ryan Wis. tried but the audit was never concluded after finding about 60 – 100 billion in lost unaccountable funds.

Without audit ability the Pentagon is just covering their own incompetence. That is why everything is tried to be kept secret. The Pentagon doesn’t even know what they are spending exactly and in what direction they should go.

Congress MUST control the Pentagons out of control spending and eliminate all independent contractors involved in the battle theater and rebuilding afterwards.

Military stresses control of their soldiers actions but has no control of their Admirals, Generals and political advisers that control the expenditures.

Accountability at the highest level must be achieved. The same philosophy is used in the banks are too big to fail. Auditing is the key and control at the top is what is necessary to control the direction of investment.

Congress has to take responsibility for the auditing of the Military. Publish all expenditures and be accountable and track able to achieve accountability and correct the direction continuously of all expenditures. The President will never want to do this but it must be done permanently quarterly and forever.


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