Holiday PC sales dip for first time in five years

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Dichotomous wrote:

Maybe its due to the lack of customer service from most tech companies (that sector regularly ranks among the worst). Especially Dell. If you run into problems with Dell – and all of their customers do – Dell’s approach is to ignore you until you get so frustrated you just go away. They are slow to refund your money, too. I’ve been fighting with them since December 19th and I have never received a single email or phone call from the company. I never even received the computer I was going to order. They’ll just intercept your order without telling you, block you from getting on their message boards to share your experience, delete any comments you might be able to posts (if you’re smart enough to work around their blocks) and will hold your money until they decide to give it back. This even though I’ve gotten my bank involved and sent complaints to the state attorney general’s office. I ended up getting a much better computer, custom built locally, and saved 250.00 in the process.
Business owners tend to forget that their products are not why people do business with them – customer service is.
Oh yeah, and Windows 8 is far from thrilling. It’s not what most people are looking for. Microsoft should try fixing what they have before trying to re-invent themselves.

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mohamedmohsen wrote:

I see none of the manufacturer have a sexy ultra book windows 8 touch screen with big enough ssd sized and with HD resolution screen! to compete with Ipad feelings

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momo51 wrote:

Why people want to smudge their main computer screen with their fingers is beyond me. Mine is pristine clear and essential for day to day use. The whole “touch” nonsense for pc was a silly attempts to bring the cellphones success to a device which is not suited for that kind of interface. As for tablets, they are living room toys for quick mail/web use. There is no way weak a 10 inches screen tablet will replace a 24 inches versatile and powerful home PC. It is just that because PC now last so long that people crave for anything new, whatever it is better or not.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

Between the PC/apple makers and the software folks you have some of the crappiest products on the planet. They make stuff designed to fail. People used to just buy new computers because the old ones didn’t work anymore. Why is that, and will that continue forever? They need to realize that people will catch on to their dishonesty. Even the brainwashed followers will catch on eventually.

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americanguy wrote:

You mean Americans are not going to buy something else because the manufacturers of what they want chose to increase profits by not making enough products?
Really? No more, “well they don’t offer what I want so I just just buy what they want me to buy”.
Go figure.
Wake up profit driven Corporate America, the days of giving the customer what you want so you can make more money, instead of what they want, are OVER.
And to suggest that people who buy the little toy gadgets are “computer users” is laughable. The applications I run wouldn’t even run on anything less than a power desktop computer.
Saying a gadget user is a computer user, is like saying someone who buys a car because of blue tooth, USB, GPS, or other ridiculous gadgets is a “driving enthusiast”.
“Does the Ferrari have a lot of electronic gadgets? I just love to play with electronic gadgets”
I am sure that is asked all the time when someone is buying a Ferrari.

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Wh33ler wrote:

The recession has hit the middle class worldwide causing a dip in sales across various industries. Is it possible that this recession has caused folks to not want to upgrade their PC’s this year, or shall we blame Microsoft for the recession, too?

Windows 8, for most folks who’ve tried it, is actually fantastic: super fast, intuitive, interesting and fun. Kudos to Microsoft for trying something new.

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Many folks are like me. Buying either an ipad or Android tablets. The existing PC are still working fine no compelling reason to upgrade. Having a portable ipad or Android tablet beats carrying a laptop. Windows 8 is irrelevant.

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