Syria rebels seize base as envoy holds talks

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MetalHead8 wrote:

Nothing says im a badass like posing with your weapons, equiment, and a Snowman.

Looks like frosty the snowman joined the Syrian Civil War

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Fromkin wrote:

…will be denied

Jan 11, 2013 11:54am EST  --  Report as abuse
newsyria wrote:

Tactical or strategic the seize of the base by the rebels is a major blow to the morale of the Syrian regime

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MinJeremiah wrote:

I’m %100 in support of Israel. I love my country the United States. However this propaganda is ridiculous. The church should be smarter than this. What is happening in Syria is just wrong and we are not being told the truth by our media outlets both Christian and secular.

This is proxy war funded and led by the United States. America is supporting terrorists groups including Al Qaeda. Syria was no threat to the United States or her allies. Syria has not been purposely killing innocent civilians are our news outlets are reporting. These deaths are twofold. One is the results of terrorist murders and the other are terrorists being killed. To say that the Syrian government shouldn’t be killing these groups is to say our government shouldn’t kill anyone if it attacks her. If a United States group took up arms against her, she would surely bring the hammer of death. She would defend herself at all cost. The Syrian government is suppost to protect herself and citizens.

The United States has no business supporting Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups!!! We shouldn’t have attacked Libya, which was the most stable and prosperous country outside South Africa. We should have not supporting and funded the overthrowing of Egypt, one of our main allies in the war on terror. In both Libya and Egypt you could be a Christian freely, not anymore. First thing happened in Libya after the murder of Kadafi, was the terrorist groups started killing Christians and blacks. The Christians are trying the flee Egypt by tthe droves.

They media is lying saying this groups are fighting for democratic government. Hog wash. Stop lying to the American people!!! The want and are instituting Sharia Law. No more rights for woman or Christians. The majority of the world no this. Most international news outlets questioning how americans are now supporting terrorists and why.

Our government is destabalizing the middle east bacause of gold and oil. As a man of God I have to call wrong wrong. It isn’t about freedom. Stop lying!!! There are real countries where people are being oppressed and these countries where not any of those countries.

Stop the prooganda machine.

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Slammy wrote:


It is time for me to start thinking about where to take my summer vacation. Do you want to take another shot at us trying to meet up in Homs so you can show me how peaceful Syria really is? One problem, I have been checking flights and nothing is flying into the country right now, something about all the international air ports being shut down due to insurgent activity. Go figure. Any suggestions on how we should arrive given the current state of peace in the country?

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