Obama, Karzai accelerate end of U.S. combat role in Afghanistan

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bobber1956 wrote:

“They each voiced support for the establishment of a Taliban political office in the Gulf state of Qatar in hopes of bringing insurgents to inter-Afghan talks.”

It is now official. The United States of American now negotiates with Islamic terrorists. These are the people that harbored and supported the people that attack the US and killed over 2 thousand of our own citizens on our own soil remember-one of which is being discussed by Obama and Morsi next week for a possible release. These are also the same people that killed our Ambassador in Benghazi. The ones obama defended and lied to us about. WAKE UP!

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Blackorpheus wrote:

Sounds familiar.

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go2goal wrote:

The Afghan people want us out….so we should leave under a plan that transitions police and defense responsibility to the Afghani’s.

The World doesn’t need and isn’t dependent on the US for policing, civility, or anything else. We have our own problems at home….such as over 30,000 people killed each year from gun violence and crimes. The US, based on death rates, has its own civil war…right here at home!

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JamVee wrote:

Get out completely, and then move their foreign aid priority to the very bottom of every list we have.

I cannot think of one single thing about the entire Afghan experience that makes me, as a taxpayer, want to support anything about that stinking country. I wouldn’t mind supporting the average Afghan citizen, if you could first get rid of every single one of their leaders and politicians, who would steal whatever I contributed anyway.

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justinolcb wrote:

wait – I got an idea… lets have peace talks with the Taliban & release all the Taliban prisoners – that should solve everything! Oh yea, and how about another Ramadan message from Mr Wealth Re-distribution himself??!!??

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Jose3 wrote:

It doesn’t make any difference when they leave.

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Neurochuck wrote:

One problem may be that most of Karzai’s government will leave a month or so before the American forces leave, to live in Dubai, London, Miami etc on the money they have stashed in offshore bank accounts.
Australia has created a special visa category for Afghans associated with their forces as interpreters, drivers, cooks etc to relocate with their families to escape revenge by the Taliban.
Maybe the USA should also consider this obligation. Looks better than those desperate South Vietnamese trying to cling onto the last helicopters out of Saigon.

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docroc wrote:

Bobber1956 — Invading Afghanistan was a mistake and and an even bigger mistake if its purpose was anything other than capturing OBL. That’s the point at which we should have left.

As far as liars go, Obama is no worse than most American presidents and certainly less of a liar than that cretin that started the 2 wars that we are all paying for now and forevermore.

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MarkDonners wrote:

What about the all the innocent children that child killing Obama drones and NATO shelling and bombing who have murdered in Afghanistan that are crying from their graves, while Obama whines about “immunity” for the armed intruders illegally occupying the country..I can assure you those victims’ graves are a thousand times more than the 20 that were murdered in Newtown, Connecticut. There are many more war crimes than mass murder perpetrated over there, including pillaging and impoverishment of the country by a hundred thousand cmafia contractors, and razing of entire villages, midnight gestapo sweeps, mass indiscriminate imprisonment, intentionally and unintentionally creating extreme guerilla groups from the illegal occupation to cause chaos and hatred of the US, and torture.

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Carafino1234 wrote:

It is much better to establish political office where key figures of the Taliban may or may not voice their objections. The US uses the office and protocol to draw out the enemy inside of fighting them in the mountains. The more we know about who is an enemy of the US, the regions of Afghan they come from. The easier it is to use a drone.

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mike439 wrote:

It’s official, Obama just officially made Afgan the second Vietnam!
Now all the families that lost sons and daughters there can join all the Vietnam mothers and fathers in knowing that their son or daughter gave their life for nothing. We need to let our military leaders wage the wars and fight them as wars, to win! Leave the politicians out of it and also the private contractors who make millions rebuilding it all.
Our war policy is so stupid, wage war against the USA and they will give you billions and rebuild your entire country.
We need to bomb anyone who goes to war with us back to the stoneage and when we are done – leave them with the mess.
Believe me not many would want to go to war with us then!
I left many of my friends in Vietnam and it was a waste!

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TheReckoning wrote:

The era of crushing countries into submission, such as Germany and Japan, using brute force is over. It’s impossible to defeat the Taliban for their religiously based brain washing techniques allow indiscriminate murder of innocent people. NATO members could lower themselves to flatten the whole country but would lose too much self-respect in the process. In addition, such a power play would destabilize Pakistan likely causing one of their nukes to fall into the wrong hands. The whole world wants the U.S. and its allies to get out of Afghanistan for the price of victory is simply too high.

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usagadfly wrote:

We cannot completely end our involvement with Afghanistan soon enough.

It should never have happened in the first place, and has done no good. If you do not approve of Muslim countries, you are about 1,300 years too late. The bulk of Americans do not want a New Crusade against Islam, and those of you who do should get your hands out of our pockets, pay for your own silliness, and buy a one way air ticket to Kabul. There you can demonstrate your determination to do whatever violence you advocate. On your own nickle and with your own body.

The clear fact is that the Federal Government cannot be trusted with a powerful military.

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JapanViewer wrote:

Yea, the Taliban will re-surge once the Americans leave. But the US should still leave. Let them evolve away from Islamic Extremism on their own. Truth is, most of these people deserve Islamic Fundamentalism. We in the West should just stop being naive about who they are and change our laws and methods of dealing with them. Whatever that means.

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