Israel evacuates Palestinians from West Bank tent outpost

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rgbviews wrote:

“International powers view all Jewish settlement building in areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War as detrimental to securing an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.”

For years it has been reported that international powers view all settlement building in areas captured by Israel in the 1967 war as ILLEGAL under international law. Now we start seeing a soft “detrimental” displacing the hard “illegal”. Is this an innocent editorial error or part of an emerging campaign to legitimize the illegal?

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Animated wrote:

what I find funny is…it seems to be ok for Israel to settle on “disputed” ground…but the minute Palestinians settle on that same land (even in temporary tents) they are immediately removed.

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McBob08 wrote:

“Evacuated”? Really, Reuters? They weren’t evacuated; they were evicted from their own land by an occupying power. This isn’t some minor thing; this is an act of war. Netanyahu needs to be stopped, and ALL the ILLEGAL Israeli settlements emptied of non-Palestinians. The UN needs to take serious steps to evict Israel from the land that is not theirs; not just Palestinian land, but land that they stole from Syria and Lebanon, too. How long can we ignore Israel’s crimes against humanity? Palestinians are dying every day from the illegal blockade that keeps them from getting food, medical supplies and other essential materials. Israel has committed International Crimes, including the slaughter of innocent protesters on an unarmed ship trying to bring the Palestinians aid. And even when such endeavours agree to hand over the aid material to Israel for inspection and distribution, somehow that aid never actually arrives in the Palestinian territories.

It is audacious that the West would support such an evil nation, yet the Zionist Lobby keeps pressuring politicians to be complicit in Israel’s crimes. Even the Israeli people are turning out against the hateful, racist policies of their government, bringing into question the validity of the election that put Netanyahu into power. All this worldwide Israeli corruption needs to be stopped!

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“evacuates”??? LOL! It sounds as though Israel was doing them a favor. Hey Reuters! Why don’t to you call a spade a spade and simply state the obvious! Israel _expelled_ them from their tent camp as a part of decade long attempt to ethnically cleanse the West Bank from Arabs.

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On the 2nd November 1917, a British foreign secretary, named Arthur Balfour, wrote a short note to the Jewish community in Britain that was in favour of a Jewish national home in Palestine with the proviso that none of the existing inhabitants or their assets would be harmed. It said:

“His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

Six years later, in 1922, Britain who still held a mandate over all of Palestine, on both sides of the river, decided to partition the entire area west and east of the Jordan river into two, the land to the east being renamed Trans-Jordan and to the west being the redrawn Palestine.

Fast forward a quarter of a century later, to 1947, with Britain anxious to give up the then onerous mandate of Palestine, it was decided that the UN would vote on a further partition of the Palestinian land west of the Jordan, into two parts, one Arab and one Jewish, and for the British mandate to end. The Arabs rejected this plan but the Jews accepted it. The resolution for this partition was put to the vote and was passed by just 33 nations.

Today, in 2013, the UN has 193 member states representing virtually the whole of the international community of over 7 billion people. But in 1947, only 33 states out of the present 193 voted for a Jewish state in Palestine. The reason that many of these 33 voted for the motion was entirely due to intense pressure by various members of the United States senate who even then was under the influence of a powerful lobby. It threatened to withdraw American aid should UN members not vote for the resolution. Due to this pressure, the vote was carried, but by a small minority of the international community. Britain, for instance, abstained from voting for a Jewish state in Muslim Arab Palestine. More importantly, all those states directly affected, voted against I.e. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. They warned that if such a plan was implemented, they would go to war to defend their territory.

The plan for partition and the imposition of a Jewish state in Muslim Palestine went ahead. The Arab states attacked, as promised, but they lost control of their land and 3/4 million were forced to flee. They knew what had happened just one month previously when LEHI terrorists massacred over a hundred of their people at the Arab village of Deir Yassin and were rightfully fearful for their lives and those of their children.

Almost immediately, refugees from the European holocaust took over their lands and villages and occupied their former houses, all with the approval of the new regime. There was no compensation or even apology from the new government of the UN imposed state – imposed for political expediency to rid Europe of unwanted stateless persons, displaced by the Nazi war in Europe.

David Ben Gurion, the Israeli state’s first president, famously said that Palestine was a land without people for a people without land, but he knew full well that was not in accordance with the facts. He knew that there had been Arabs living across the land of Palestine continuously for over a thousand years. He knew that those Arabs were the majority indigenous people of he region, but he chose to modify that truth.

The consequences of both the minority decision of the world, as voted by the then small UNGA, and the fallacious words of Ben Gurion, have left a legacy that threatens world peace on an almost daily basis – and none more so than today, in 2013, when the current prime minister of the now secret nuclear weapons state of Israel is threatening to attack a non-nuclear Iran which could set the entire Middle East, and Europe, on fire.

For the world to have acted upon a short note written, for whatever reason, by a British politician, in 1916, and implemented and enforced by a powerful political American lobby, ever since, is a travesty of all those democratic principles allegedly adopted by the free world and, in particular, by the United States of America.

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seymourfrogs wrote:


Too right.

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Eric.Klein wrote:

Somehow this article neglected to mention that they were building on Israeli state land, not private Palestinian land.

This land never was Palestinian, and even under Jordanian occupation or under the Ottoman’s it was never registered to any Arab owner.

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Eric.Klein wrote:

Somehow this article neglected to mention that they were building on Israeli state land, not private Palestinian land.

This land never was Palestinian, and even under Jordanian occupation or under the Ottoman’s it was never registered to any Arab owner.

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Eric.Klein wrote:

@DouglasReed100 you had the first half right. But you seem to forget that
- It was the Arabs forced Arabs to leave the new Israel not the Jews.
- It was the Arabs who ethnically cleansed the area now commonly called the West Bank, where they had been peacefully living for 3,500 years.
- It was the Arabs that expelled the Jews from the Arab countries.
- It was that same “minority UNGA” that created the 17 Muslim countries that surround the Eastern Mediterranean and Israel, the same way they created Israel.
- That Israel still has a strong Arab population that is represented in parliament (the Knesset).
- It was Iran that threatened to “destroy” Israel on more than a dozen occasions while Israel has done nothing to them, except build their main air port, designed much of their modern cities, etc. that were built prior to the fall of the Shah.

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trex2561 wrote:

I continue to pray for a US government that is as concerned about bullying amongst nations as we are about bullying against students in the US. I know that the school bullies find no quarter here and the nations that bully should not either regardless of the pressures they bring to bear. As a US citizen I find our support of Israel a major failing of our elected officials and not a personnal failing of our electorate.

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rgbviews wrote:

Thanks for the concise summary. A fledgling UN made it’s greatest mistake in 1947/48 and compounded the mistake by not enforcing the terms of the agreement. This weakness continues even today, more than half a century later. The cost in blood and treasure is astronomical and a shame on the international community.

We must live with the mistake, but we must not condone Israeli violation of international law.

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@Eric Klein

“- It was that same “minority UNGA” that created the 17 Muslim countries that surround the Eastern Mediterranean and Israel, the same way they created Israel.”

REALLY! Names of these 17 Muslim countries please and the claimed dates that they were created by the UN!

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rgbviews wrote:

You are right. It’s up to the American voters and tax payers to make it clear to their representatives in Congress that they are in Washington to represent the electorate and not AIPAC.

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rgbviews wrote:

Do you have a problem relating to reality? If so, you may want to read factual accounts of history and fully understand the policies of the current government in Israel. Have you read Herr Lieberman’s statements? Also you may want to get an official translation of what the Iranian leaders have stated publicly.

The way I see it, Iran is not suggesting that they will be the ones to wipe Israel off the map, it is Israeli self-destructive policies in combination with simple demographic change. Netanyahu will destroy Israel more effectively than any weapon.

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unreason wrote:

If we’re going to hypothesize about what would have happened given the current reality like DouglasReed100 wants, why not ponder something much more interesting: for instance, supposing that Inca had modern weapons, would the United States exist today? Pizarro would not have attacked even Atahualpa’s small retinue when he questioned Christianity if they were armed with assault rifles and submachine guns. Inca would have remained more than a client kingdom to the Spanish and would have likely resumed the northern expansion that had been on hold during the civil war.

The point is that there is no point.

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rgbviews wrote:

There IS a point. The point is that, having made a mistake, you don’t continue to make it worse. You do the best you can to improve the lives of the people you have injured.

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