France launches ground campaign against Mali rebels

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Out of nowhere, Mali suddenly becomes the frontier in the struggle against al-Qaeda… And I suppose it’s only a concindence that Mali is an ex-French colony with a fragile government…. It’s really hilarious how the mainstream media tries to portray this.

Let’s watch and chuckle…

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WiseOldElf wrote:

French troops fighting in Mali while neighboring African countries continue to talk about deploying troops “in a matter of days”! I don’t get it…this is a clear sign of how redundant the African Union and ECOWAS are. It takes a white knight from 3,000 miles away to make them realize the urgency of the situation in their backyard. To think the African force was not supposed to go into Mali until October!

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WiseOldElf wrote:

It is strange to me that most countries that have the capacity to help out in Mali are making only symbolic gestures….like contributing a miserly number of troop transport aircraft. With the taking of hostages of several nationalities at a gas production facility across the border in Algeria, hopefully, the world will realize that the problems in Mali affect us all.

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Montpessat wrote:

Do the french have the very effective Predator drones?

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Till there are Muslim ground forces units fighting the terrorist side by side with the United Nations – terrorism will continue to gain a foothold.

For every terrorist killed, 3 more will rise up in the name of honor, believing they are fighting a just cause for their religion. Once they see they do not have the voice of Muslims – they will fade into society, looking to their religious leaders for new direction.

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ofilha wrote:

And let the games begin. This is no Vietnam, but let’s see how the French handle this situation.

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tmc wrote:

But, the French? Really? I mean … Really? Could they not out-source this to someone with, like, a military? I hope they don’t get caught with their parfaits down.

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tmc wrote:

I mean I don’t think all the French forces and all the French poodles could take Brooklyn durning Monday night football.

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ofilha wrote:

So security experts warn of a backlash. you do not need to be a security expert to know this. We would expect a little more useful information from these “experts”.

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nossnevs wrote:

Al Qaida is on a roll. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nato. The Nato bosses/France/ have now moved from criminality into stupidity. France has learnt nothing from their lost colonial wars in Vietnam, Algeria, etc.

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nossnevs wrote:

Yesterday 83 students killed in Syria (though it is not “news” to Reuters anymore), today coordinated car bombings and hostage taking in Sahara. Thank you, USA/Nato for all the moral, political and arms support to Al Qaida!

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DeanMJackson wrote:

Ladies and gentlemen, France refuses to assist its former colony the Central African Republic (CAR) resist rebel encroachments there, yet is gung-ho to “assist” its former colony of Mali resist rebels in that nation. Anyone see something odd here?

Both nations are controlled by despots. In the case of Mali, the despot is the military, which appointment Dioncounda Traoré President after the March 21, 2012 coup.

In the case of CAR, the rebels are assisted by the United States, so that explains France’s boredom with that former colony, while in Mali the rebels are the United States’ controlled fake Al Qaeda fronts, therefore France is interfering to assist the military coup plotters there, in fact it was France that approved the March 21, 2012 coup.

What’s it all about? Denying China strategic minerals and oil. What else? Africa suffers while we in the West wreck Africa because the West had no stomach to defeat the Chinese Communists in 1949.

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Yesyes wrote:

@DeanMJackson Why does communism scare you so much?

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gregbrew56 wrote:

DeanMJackson wrote: “while in Mali the rebels are the United States’ controlled fake Al Qaeda fronts”.

Please provide documented proof from a reliable source for your outlandish allegations.

We’re waiting…

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Yesyes wrote:

@gregbrew56 The source for all his allegations is some hack conspiracy theory book written in the 80s, and from his ramblings, it doesn’t seem as if he ever moved past that Reagan era mindset. I think in his head starting a post with “ladies and gentlemen” and/or ending with “get the picture?” somehow turns his statements into irrefutable proof

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DeanMJackson wrote:

gregbrew56 says, ‘“while in Mali the rebels are the United States’ controlled fake Al Qaeda fronts”.

Please provide documented proof from a reliable source for your outlandish allegations.”‘

America’s “War on Terror” is a cover for the Cold War that never ended. The collapse of the USSR was a strategic ruse (under the “Long-Range Policy”, which all Communist nations signed onto as their “new” and more subtle strategy to defeat the West with), as will be the upcoming “collapse” of the Chinese Communist government (which will stymie Taiwan from not peacefully joining the mainland).

As such, “Al Qaeda” (and other related “Islamic” groups) are cut-out creations of the Central Intelligence Agency, the purpose of which is to (1) maintain a credible defense budget since the USSR still exists (if not in name); and (2) deny China access to strategic minerals/oil.

Will the United States’ counter strategy work? No, it won’t. In fact the West’s counter strategy only weakens the West.

At the appropriate time African armies thought to be allies of the West will turn on the West’s militaries there. Since the West has turned its back on Christianity, Africa naturally turns its back on the West and naturally is attracted to the only other ideology around: Communism, though that ideology implodes when analyzed at its core foundation: Dialectical Materialism. However few can go that deeply into the foundational error of Dialectical Materialism as it relates to the changes of historical eras claimed to be brought about by the Material Productive Forces.

Proof that the collapse of the USSR was a strategic ruse:

(1) The hated Communist Red Star was never removed from Russian naval vessels and military aircraft, and is attached to new such military equipment (if the collapse of the USSR were real, the hated Communist Red Star would have been immediately removed on December 26, 1991);

(2) Russian Orthodox Church (and all other religious institutions within the “former” USSR/East bloc) are still controlled by Soviet era Communist agent Quislings (If the collapse of the USSR/East Bloc were real, such Quislings would have been identified and thrown out of their respective religious institutions);

(3)The “electorates” of the 15 republics that made up the USSR are only “electing” for President persons who were Communist Party Quislings during the Soviet era (If the collapse of the USSR were real, such Quislings would have either been (a) arrested in the interest of national security; or (b) ostracized by the 90% of the “post” Soviet populations who were persecuted by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union);

(4)Lenin’s tomb still exist in Red Square (If the collapse of the USSR were real, Lenin’s tomb would have been destroyed as was the Berlin Wall);

(5) No de-Communization program to ferret out Communist agents still in power (The fact that there were no Allies in the “freed” USSR to carry out a de-Communization program, meant the freed Soviets would not only have had to take up that program themselves but ensure, unlike the German de-Nazification example in post war Germany, its effectiveness since; (a) there was no occupation force to ensure the Communists weren’t still in power or could mount a violent comeback; and (b) unlike the Nazis that persecuted minorities in Germany, and were not generally hated by the dominant society, in the USSR Communists were the hated minority who persecuted the majority); and

(6) not one “crime against humanity” indictment of the thousands of criminals still alive who committed crimes on Soviet territory (Even post Nazi Germany (West and East) convicted and imprisoned Nazi war criminals).

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