Low profile no more, new House foreign affairs chair eyes Iran

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AlkalineState wrote:

Number of years taken by Representative Ed Royce to complete his bachelor’s degree: 7 (1968 – 1975)

Number of days served by Ed Royce in the military during Vietnam: 0

Typical republican politicians. War is good…. for everyone else.

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Logical123 wrote:

Ed Royce is just another ignorant congressman who knows nothing about Iran and seems not to know anything about the effectiveness of current sanctions on Iran either. He has also seems to be a total ignoramus when it comes to understand the underlying reasons for the sanctions which have now become an end by themselves.

There is zero justification for ANY sanctions on Iran since Iran is not building nuclear weapons from all evidence. Besides, nuclear weapons are totally useless in today’s world. Where would Iran drop a bomb and what would happen the next day? Does the Congressman understand that Iranian leaders are neither stupid nor crazy.

Mr. Royce does even seem to understand that the sanctions really have nothing to do with the Iranian nuclear program. They are solely intended to destroy the Iranian economy in order to preserve the hegemony of the U.S. in the Middle East. However, in actuality, the U.S. influence in the region is diminishing and Iran’s influence is increasing.

The sanctions are essentially useless as noted recently by the U.S. Treasury Department. Iran has found ways to get around all the sanctions. So, I welcome Mr. Royce to pass more useless sanctions bills since Congress is totally incapable of solving the U.S. economic and financial problems. They can make themselves feel good by passing more sanctions bills on Iran.

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