U.N. nuclear watchdog eyes Iran deal, Parchin visit

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americanguy wrote:

We all know Iran is working on nuclear weapons. If it was for nuclear power, Iran would allow full inspections, then Iran would have the sanctions lifted and all the help it needed for its nuclear power program. Get real.
Two things are fact, the relgious leaders in Iran think it is their duty to start WW3 for the coming of the Mahdi (the prophesied redeemer of Islam). Second, it is a doctrine of the Koran that it is acceptable and good to lie, to protect the motives of Islam.
Attacking Israel with nuclear weapons would be the catalyst to WW3 as in the prophecy.
As non-muslim countries, Russia and China are just as much at risk as the US, so they had better get with the program before it is too late.
The world needs to totally cut off Iran, and if that fails, military action will be the only option.
This is not the same as North Korea.

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Logical123 wrote:

So, if the IAEA visits Parchin and finds nothing, what is going to happen next? Probably, incompetent Amano will ask for visits to 109 other sites.

americanguy: Do you ever have anything factual to say. You just keep repeating your nonsensical speculations? Have you been reading your tea leaves again?

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boreal wrote:

When will IAEA inspectors have the courage to finally inspect Israel’s nuclear sites too? Iranians should be extra vigilant with these IAEA guys carrying sealed metal cases not to plant some incriminating evidence after the Struxnet virus sabotage and the series of nuclear scientist assassinations. Who knows what else would Israel hired spies dressed as legit inspectors would carry in their little metal boxes.

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americanguy wrote:

If you don’t like my comments, don’t read them.
I am certainly not going to stop commenting just because a troll keeps attacking me and others with childish personal attacks.
I will post what I want to, when I want to, and you will do nothing about it.
Live with it.

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Logical123 wrote:

americanguy: Sorry to have confused you with facts. You are not entitled to say any stupid thing that comes to your head. This forum is for adults who think logically and don’t just make random statements. But, I guess that is above your level of understanding. To you, the moon is made of blue cheese it seems.

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