Retail sales point to firmer consumer spending

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Harry079 wrote:

“bought automobiles and a range of other goods”



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pyanitsa wrote:

Retail Sales Weak in December 2012

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Crash866 wrote:

“Sales at service stations fell, reflecting a 14 cent drop in gasoline prices at the pump.

There were gains in furniture sales, while sales at clothing retailers rose by the most since February. While the consumption side of the economy is holding up fairly well, production appears to be faltering.

A third report showed factory activity in New York State fell for a sixth straight month in January, weighed down by weak orders and shipments.”

Retail sales up in December go figure. The end of the article pasted above is telling…no so bright…

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USAPragmatist wrote:

Got to love the predictable righties/Obama haters/doom sayers, if it good news it ‘lies’ if it bad news ‘I told you so’. No objective analysis.

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SweetRaven wrote:

I would like to see the EXACT items purchased. There are no people in the stores around us, including the restaurants. People are only buying what they NEED and doing without anything else. This article called the purchasing, “solid”. I don’t think so. Just bc there was a gain in a section doesn’t mean that much. How much in that section? Were sales so low last year that the purchase of one item would mean a gain? This article had no real information for me to review.

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SweetRaven wrote:

No good news here.

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