Infrastructure woes could cost 3.5 million jobs by 2020: report

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moneywon wrote:

Ooh ooh I know! A quadrillion dollar coin! So much simpler than acting like sane, rational adults who have to live near each other for the next few decades. Of course we only elect those that can afford to not live near you, so there’s that…

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flashrooster wrote:

And Republicans resist acknowledging this like they resist acknowledging global warming; or that too much in the way of spending cuts too soon will hurt our economy and possibly send us back into a recession; or that more guns really don’t reduce gun violence; or that gerrymandering doesn’t promote democracy; or that our current healthcare system is bankrupting millions of Americans and really ISN’T the world’s best system.

Certainly Democrats, like any political party anywhere, have their problems, but the Republicans pose a very serious threat to our nation’s future and our present well-being, in no small part because of their inability or their reluctance to accept scientific conclusions or simply recognize the obvious.

China knows how important having a modern infrastructure is to their economy. We used to know, but the Republicans are insisting otherwise, based on… nothing.

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jaroca wrote:

The last number I heard mentioned on a couple of network talking head shows seemed to quote a similar number….$5 Billion a month for our current fiasco(s) of fighting in the WTFistans.

We can afford or allow ourselves to put that on the credit card but we cannot take care of our own home?

How stupid are we as a nation? Really, think about it!!! You guys that like democracy at the point of a gun at any cost. Dead and maimed of our own, never mind the innocents abroad. WHY ???

Recently the House Tea idiots held up a funding bill for repairs to the Capitol building (the dome – major roof problems,leaking,cracks,etc.) Talk about narrow minded, penurious, and spiteful. These are the same clowns that supposedly take an oath
to protect maintain this nation.

I guess blue tarps on public buildings, duct taped sewer and water lines, wrecking yard parts holding trains and railyards together is going to be the new normal.

No money for real trades and good jobs, no more trade schools to develop practical skills, no clear health program and education taking a beating, our physical structure crumbling but it’s OK to borrow for fighting and weaponry and continue huge tax by-passes for the uber-wealthy. Trickle down my arse !!

Your forebearers would be ashamed of your poor choices and priorities.

You no longer get what you pay for….you get what you deserve and allow to happen.

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corynoone wrote:

Some of these things could be privatized just fine and solve a few of these woes.

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flashrooster wrote:

jaroca: I share your frustration. It’s hard to zero in on exactly what’s going on here with the current Republican Party, but what IS clear is that their actions and inactions are dealing blow after blow to our nation’s best interests.

I think it’s a few things at play here. At one end are the wealthy plutocrats who have figured out how to control our government through their money and how to get the legislation that they want to increase their bottom lines. On the other end we have the Republican supporters, the FOX News/Rush Limbaugh adherents who swallow anything and everything fed to them that ultimately benefits the plutocrats. In the middle we have the Republican Party and the rightwing media who shape the message that their plutocratic masters want to see absorbed and believed by the masses in forms easiest for their constituents to digest.

For example, our healthcare system is the best in the world and any change would amount to evil socialism; the more guns Americans own the safer we’ll be; there is no global warming; cigarette tobacco doesn’t cause cancer; any government spending is bad, any government spending cuts are good and will help the economy; we can never spend too much on defense and any cuts to the defense budget is anti-American. It goes on and on and on, and it’s killing us. There are just too many naive Americans willing to believe anything, so long as it’s presented as something “conservative”.

And now they want to try and force us into a default again. They are incapable of learning from their mistakes. They don’t care if our credit rating is downgraded. I suspect they want to see the collapse of the US, in hopes of picking up the pieces and starting their own authoritarian state run strictly by rightwing extremists.

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Willie12345 wrote:

That rascal, George W. Bush. Even after 4 years out of office, he’s still causing trouble in the universe. How does he do it ?

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jaroca wrote:


You’re kidding, right?

Yeah, let’s give more for the rich to control. Especially the stuff American people (working class) funded and built with their our hands.

The government isn’t supposed to make a profit. They are supposed to provide services and build and maintain infrastructure. Oversee and regulate industries vital to daily life (power,water,waste,food quality,etc.

These neo-cons and Tea party fools would gut all they could and have you buying it back again from their rich friends.

Sharp….real sharp.

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Yes, economic planning is bad, bad, bad. Society and its future should only be determined on a short-term, impulsive basis…

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