How a feisty Chinese newspaper stood up for press freedom

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SpikeSmudik wrote:

Good article, Sui-Lee.

Several comments. As you point out,”which would appear to show the government is a long way from loosening controls.” This is a super-marathon, not a sprint. The SW and Beijing News responses were a good first step.

The government and the CCP have very vested interests in power, control, extreme wealth and future earnings. They are stealing the Chinese people blind. They want to continue this behavior.

Tuo Zhen, the propaganda chief, was oafish and ham-handed in his handling of the SW editorial. He will be removed. “Saving face” is important to the CCP. Matters like this, in China, need to be handled sub rosa and covertly.

This is not about Western-style freedom of speech. The staff at SW & BN accept media control. They just want a little more freedom. This incident is a cautious first step.

Keep up the good work. This will be a long, bumpy road, with lots of ups and downs.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

Ladies and gentlemen, the only way the Communist (totalitarian) government of China could get away with such a disinformation operation is thanks to the Western press not reminding its readers that those “reporters” striking are COMMUNISTS, and the only reason they are striking is because the Communist Party of China wants them to strike. Why? To give the impression that there are divisions within the Communist Chinese government. As if!

As common sense would inform us, any “divisions” within the Chinese Communist government (or Communist Party) are, of course, manufactured for Western eyes. Members of the Chinese Communist government have only one objective: To neutralize the United States. Nothing more. So when the “collapse” of the Chinese Communist government occurs in several years or so due to even more massive strikes/demonstrations to come, remember those events are all planned and controlled:

“Since at least the early 1970s, the Communist party of China has been poised to create a spectacular but controlled “democratization” at any appropriate time. The party had by then spent two decades consolidating its power, building a network of informants and agents that permeate every aspect of Chinese life, both in the cities and in the countryside. Government control is now so complete that it will not be seriously disturbed by free speech and democratic elections; power can now be exerted through the all-pervasive but largely invisible infrastructure of control. A transition to an apparently new system, using dialectical tactics, is now starting to occur.” — Playing the China Card (The New American, Jan. 1, 1991).

All actions of the Chinese Communist Party and government must be analyzed through the prism of the “Long-Range Policy”, the “new” more subtle strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 as the only credible means to defeat the West with, as first revealed to the West by KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, the only Soviet-era defector to still be under protective custody, proving (1) the collapses of the USSR/East Bloc were strategic ruses; and (2) that all other Soviet-era defectors who followed Golitsyn were still loyal to their respective Communist intelligence agencies, since all of them provided incorrect intelligence on the future of the USSR/East Bloc.

When the Communist government in Beijing “collapses”, Taiwan will be stymied from not joining the mainland.

The “dissident” movement in China (as in the USSR) is a creation of Beijing, its existence intended to instill in Western minds that the Communist government/party has competing factions, with one faction being the “reformist” faction that allows for “dissidents” being known to the West. With hundreds of thousands government agents that infest every aspect of Chinese life, from urban centers to rural villages, nothing happens in China that isn’t cleared by Beijing.

“Behind the impressive smokescreen of pseudo-democracy, pseudo-capitalism and pseudo-reform, this Russian-Chinese ‘cooperation-blackmail’ strategy is irreconcilably hostile to the West. Again, this is no mere presumption. It was explicitly confirmed in May 1994 to Clark Bowers, a member of an official US Republican delegation to Peking, by Mr Mo Xiusong, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, who is believed to be the highest-ranking Chinese Communist official ever to have answered questions put to him by a knowledgeable Western expert on Communism:

BOWERS: Is the long-term aim of the Chinese Communist Party still world Communism?

Mo XIUSONG: Yes, of course. That is the reason we exist.” – The Perestroika Deception (1995), by KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn.

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