Kids at center stage in emotional gun debate

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mike439 wrote:

I don’t care of Obummer trots out dead kids on stage to make his “case”
against gun ownership. Assult weapons are full automatic weapons and the semiautos we have been seeing are not assault weapons. My semiauto Rugar 223 is the same weapon as its “dressed up” version and will shoot the same, it just looks different. Looks do not make a assult weapon and the 15 or 30 round magazine do not either. If this makes a difference how come cars will go 150 mph + when the speed limit is at the most 85 mph? And does that mean we can no longer make them look like race cars because race cars only belong on a race track?
Real assault weapons are already banned, and wouldnt have made one bit of difference in the Newtown shootings. This is all about power and the idiot in charge wants as much as he can get.

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