A big question in gun-control debate: What will Harry Reid do?

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McBob08 wrote:

Reid, it’s time to piss off the lunatic fringe Republicans, because the majority want these common sense measures in place. Ignore the special interest groups, grow some balls, and do what the people want!

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TheNewWorld wrote:


The people are against an assault weapons ban. They are for closing the gunshow loopholes, and background checks. That is what will pass, the Feinstein bill will not, nor will Obama’s. Your position is of the lunatic fringe Democrats…

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flashrooster wrote:

TheNewWorld: “The people are against an assault weapons ban”

Really? Conservatives have a funny way of interpreting data. Last time I checked, 55% was a majority:


(Maryland) Voters favor the assault weapons ban 62 percent to 35 percent

“A ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of semi-automatic assault guns, such as the AK-47: 56% in favor, 44% opposed”

Administration aides have said the president is likely to include a call for a renewed ban on the most powerful rifles even in the face of heavy opposition from the National Rifle Association. In the poll, 58 percent of Americans support the ban, which expired in 2004 after 10 years as the law; 39 percent oppose it:

Why do you always feel the need to lie to defend your position? If you disagree with the majority, make your case. Either that or change your position. It’s call personal growth. But to lie in order to promote a position you believe in, that’s exactly why so many people here in the US, and throughout the world, have so little respect for America’s Republicans and conservatives. You guys lie so much. It’s also why the Republicans are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

The best you’ll find is a Gallup poll, taken in December, that finds 51% are opposed to a ban on assault weapons. Gallup tends to lean to the right, and if you read how the questioning on the poll is worded, it’s no wonder they were able to come up with the 51% number. Still, you can’t take one polling anomaly that has 51%, 1% over a majority, and then go around claiming that “the people are against an assault weapons ban.” They are not. The people support an assault weapons ban. Looks like you’re the one in the lunatic fringe. But lunatics are usually the last to know.

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