Massacre of over 100 reported in Syria's Homs

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andre24211 wrote:

How can you believe this ‘Observatory’ who are on the side of terrorists (rebels). If civilians do die, keep in mind thats due to these terrorists using them as shields in their own homes.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

I’d like to the UN to go in there and see whos doing what, so theres no more doubt.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

I’d like to the UN to go in there and see whos doing what, so theres no more doubt.

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Yesyes wrote:

@andre24211 The “human shield” argument is getting pretty weak. If people aren’t buying it with regard to Palestine, why would they swallow it with regard to Syria

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branchltd wrote:

The UN isn’t going to do anything because the UN is a nothing organization.

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mcanterel wrote:

@MetalHead, but the islamists funded by Saudi Arabia twice rejected observation missions because these missions hamper their effort of bringing freedom to Syrian women through Sharia and mass rapes, and freedom to religious minorities through church burning and beheadings (with kitchen knives, halal style, we’ve all seen the videos and your Islamists bragging about their deeds, with takbeer et al.).

Also, the Islamists, whom the West is bombing in Mali, and sponsoring in Syria, would also like to continue mowing down whole families in schoolyards (Barri family killing), throwing tens of postal employees from the roof of their building (oh, they’re Shabiha you know, they work for the government of their country !), killing hundreds of people in car bombings, assassinating actors, tv producers, scientists, professors, etc. Abducting, raping, beheading, mass killings (the butchers brigade of Homs), etc.

Poor poor softhead!

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“How can you believe this ‘Observatory’ who are on the side of terrorists (rebels). If civilians do die, keep in mind thats due to these terrorists using them as shields in their own homes.”

You have a good point. Hammas does that on the regular and the UN has no problem condemning Israel for the civillian deaths. What makes you think that the UN will blame the terrorists in Syria? They have a track record…

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Slammy wrote:

I did not gather from the report what religion these victims are. Their religious affiliation might answer some questions.
More importantly, if the Syrian government cannot protect its own people from terrorists or whomever else on its home turf, it needs to be replaced by someone who can. If the regime was killing as many “terrorists” as they claim this conflict should have been over a long time ago.

@mcanterel, I do not remember the insurgents turning down UN observers, please point me to those facts. I do remember two or three observer missions ending in failure due to the lack of a ceasefire with both sides blaming the other. Is this what you are referring to?

As to the University attack, I have searched the internet and read through a few Syrian blogs and have yet to see a report naming the weapon the FSA has that can travel over a mile and knock six stories of walls off a reinforced concrete building. Everyone seems to agree that this was a rocket attack and not artillery or a car bomb. So, to my knowledge of the battlefield weapons currently being used, Scuds and air to ground missiles/rockets are the only thing I can thing of that could do this. If not, what am I missing?
Also, to anyone who alleges the insurgents launched the attack, are you aware of any similar attacks with this level of destruction launched from FSA positions. I have found none but I am sure, at a minimum, the Syrian propaganda machine could come up with something to allege the FSA used. Heck, even the University accused the regime of an air strike immediately after the attack. Simple question, if the insurgents did this, what did they do it with?

Go Non-Terrorist Insurgents! You are winning while being accused of losing for almost two years. Keep up the good work!

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Fromkin wrote:

No one should believe anything Mr. Oliver Holmes and Mrs. Erika Salomon publish here. It’s sheer propaganda.

According to their propaganda, there is a stalemate and they think they’re going to break it by lying to the public. Stalemate means rebels are losing ground. They are being destroyed in Deeraya,Hama, homs and Deraa around Damascus..

Those who are killed in Homs are insurgent fighters so it’s by no means a massacre. The Syrian army is fighting a real war on terror…

Question: Why the word “massacre” was not used in the killing of students in Aleppo but the word “explosion”…?

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Slammy wrote:

“They are being destroyed in Deeraya,Hama, homs and Deraa around Damascus.. ”

I have news you might like better than that, the Syrian Foreign Ministry Jihad Makdessi reported on March 31, 2012, that “the battle to bring down the government in Syria is over once and for all.”

So, according to the Syrian Information ministry, the regime won in Deeraya, Hama, Homs and Damascus almost a year ago… Unless the Syrian Information ministry was wrong, which I have never seen you admit, why do you keep claiming the regime is winning when they won this war almost a year ago? Do you have nothing better to do than pick scabs on a war that has been over for almost a year? Is your life that empty of other activities?

Or, is it possible, possible at all, that the Syrian Information Ministry was spitting propaganda when they made these comments last year? If so, could they still be spitting propaganda? Is that possible at all? If you say the Syrian Information Ministry was wrong last year I will drop this but until then, your side has already won so why do you keep making up lies about a war that is no longer happening? Hmm…

In any regard, if you are right, which if you were this war should have already been over, what is there to worry about? The regime claims to be killing enough terrorists to fill up a cruise ship every two weeks…. so why is this conflict still going on at all? Remember when you stated the terrorists were cleansed from Damascus? Remember when you stated again the terrorists were cleansed from Damascus? Remember when you stated yet again that the terrorist were cleansed from Damascus? Either your information is wrong or the regime is doing a very bad job letting the world know that Syria is at peace and all this fighting is made up.

Anyway, please keep it up, you are one of the most entertaining posters I have come across in years.

Go Non-Terrorist Insurgents and Roll Tide Roll!

Btw, has anyone else noticed that Sunni seem to be better fighters than Shiite? Just an observation based on the casualties reports I read.

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gowintec wrote:

@Fromkin no one should believe any propaganda from anywhere in Syria and that includes both sides. But the blame resides on the government for not protecting its people. If what you say is true about what is happening inside Syria, then Syria should be open to having outside Media and others to verify, at the same time asking the international community for help. What shows that you can’t trust what is being said inside Syria is when they said they don’t have chemical weapons yet they say that if any foreign country tries to interfere they will unleash. This shows the world that they have something to hide and can not be trusted.

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Ah, Islam, the religion of peace. Not doing a good job there, are you clerics?

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Fromkin wrote:


“I have news you might like better than that, the Syrian Foreign Ministry Jihad Makdessi reported on March 31, 2012, that “the battle to bring down the government in Syria is over once and for all.””

You seem educated and well spoken buy what’s lacking is your understanding of international politics, current events, foreign affairs,etc…(no offense)

You’re right. I remember him saying that and that statement is true even today for the simple fact that the government is still in place and Assad is still the Syrian president.

Everytime the government is close to resolving this conflict, there is a new escalation in terms of new recruited militants, more potent weapons to insurgents and direct involvement by the US, France, Turkey…

The US and France are directing attacks on military air bases and airports…Do you remember France sending “advisers” to Jordan? They were involved in the failed Damascus attack last month…

I have been repeating that regime change has failed for months. It’s true. What we’re seeing is so called superpowers going mad because of their failure to bring the Syrian gov down. They’ve dumped FSA and are now using the same militants they used to defeat the soviets in Afghanistan. But they are failing because Syria has a home court advantage which the Soviets did not have….

We have been told by Reuters the rebels are “gaining” and “advancing”. My question is gaining what, advancing where? Their gains and advances come in the form of explosions against civilians, and car bombs…To me these are rather acts of desperation…You can terrorize people setting up car explosions but you can’t bring a government down doing that. This is just common sense. Never seen a government brought down that way…

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TruthMonitor wrote:

@ Slammy

Which casualty reports have you read to conclude that Sunnis seem to better fighters than Shias? The vast majority of Assad’s foot soldiers are Sunnis, nearly all of the “rebels” are Sunnis, and the majority of the Syrian civilian fatalities are also Sunnis.

As for the quality of fighters, just ask the Israelis or Americans who they would rather go into battle against. Sunnis have been thrashed in pretty much every war they have fought since at least 1948. From the Six Day War to Saddam being dragged out of a rat hole to bin Laden being fed to the sharks, Sunni heros have miserably failed on the battlefield.

And why aren’t you extending an invitation to a meeting in Homs? You could have met Assad himself in Homs on Mar 27, 2012 and again in Aleppo on October 2, 2012.

No sir, suicide bombings and car bombings are not the stuff of a genuine revolution. They are the stuff of terrorists. You better be careful before cheering them on.

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Fromkin wrote:


Syria having chemical weapons or not is not an issue. It’s not relevant to this conflict. This conflict did not start because Syria lied about chemical weapons…

The Syrian government is doing the best it can against the US, France, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and let’s not forget Israel. You couldn’t ask more sacrifice on the Syrian army. So far they’ve lost over 10,000 security forces…

As far as outside media, they are in Syria. The only ones excluded are the lying ones. Syria is not stupid to give credibility to false reports by CNN, Reuters, NYT, Le Monde, Le Figaro, BBC,etc…by letting them wander about the country filing false reports…We’re not even talking about the CIA, MI6, Mossad posing as journalists and directing bomb targets…

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carlloeber wrote:

the cowardice of President Obama in refusing to aid the people of Syria is astounding and despicable .. I have been to Aleppo .. I never met a kinder people .. I am ashamed to be America and watch President Obama sit aside and fail to give weapons .. he could have shot back with his flying robots 638 days ago ..

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said the attack was “beyond horrific”.
“According to eyewitnesses, regime jets launched the strikes,” she said on her Twitter account.

Russia … dismissed suggestions Damascus was behind the explosions. “I cannot imagine any bigger blasphemy,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists…

One of the two is clearly perpetuating lies. Wonder who? Here is the key: “white powder”?

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Did you feel the same way when George HW Bush let Hussein slaughter Kurds and Shiites after his words of support for insurrection. Did you cheer when the US rolled into Baghdad to remove Hussein? Do you think the war was worth it for the humanitarian reasons, no matter if it ultimately contributes to our economies crash under our debt load? How about our occupation of Afghanistan.

Better yet, is there not a situation in the world that you think the US should get involved in? Had you been from Briatain or France would you have wished that they jumped in and helped the South? The American civil war where we had several battles that had as many Americans die in one day of battle as Syria has had their entire civil war. It just wasn’t right for Lincoln to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of American lives to preserve his Union, right?

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