Japan's Abe in Thailand to talk economic ties, security

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MikeBarnett wrote:

Investment in companies has been normal for Japan, but there is little Japanese investment in infrastructure, the basic avenues for business to gain supplies, workers, customers, sales, and profits. The Chinese build infrastructure as part of long term growth because they sell more to rich countries than to poor nations. They are less concerned with types of growth than with growth itself in initial phases. The improvements in quality and in quality of life should follow after the economy has reached a level that it can support qualitative changes.

In addition, Japan wants these investments for security reasons in a country that feels fewer threats from China than from flooding and poverty. Inside China, a Japanese company, Sharp, is selling its TV manufacturing to China’s Lenovo. Thais may wonder why Abe claims to see a threat from China when one of his country’s companies is selling assets to China. It seems to be a double standard, and it probably is.

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blah77 wrote:

The Japanese defense official suggested that it is somehow illogical or unnecessary for China to build up its military power during the last 20 years. Gee, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Imperial Japan (and other foreign powers before that) invaded China not even a century ago. Or perhaps it is due to the fact that China has more than 20 different nations on its border (land and sea), each with their own agenda and interests. Last but not least, maybe it is because the military hardware China had prior to its economic rise were hopelessly outdated by 3 decades or more. Japan has the luxury to maintain a relatively small military because the U.S. has foolishly guarenteed its safety, backed up by our exorbitant and unsustainable 700 billion annual defense budget. China has no such luxurious big brother arrangement.

The ultra-homogenous society of Japan sure has raised some rather igorant public officials who are only capable of asking idiotic questions with blatantly obvious answers. Maybe they should pose these types of questions to UK, France, Australia, and other developed nations that have upgraded its military capability during the course of their own economic rise. Frankly, the Japanese government sure sounds a lot like a former bully who has finally realized that one of his former victims is now a muscular 6’6″/220 lbs grown-up.

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