No deal seen clinched in U.N. nuclear talks with Iran

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psalm wrote:

The moment that Iranian experts are allowed to inspect western military and nuclear installation , then I would imagine the Iranians would allow inspection on the same terms. Until then, it is extremely unreasonable to have the expectation that we can inspect their secret facilities without offering the same right to the Iranian.

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IslamBlows wrote:

The average Iranian in Tehran couldn’t care less if a few remote sites, in the middle of nowhere, are obliterated by the US and Israel.

If they even thought that a strike would level Tehran, watch how fast those nukes get removed.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

psalm – you hit the nail on the head.

Iranian nuclear weapons plans are 99% motivated as a defensive weapon to prevent other countries from bombing or invading them.

It’s a proven statistic – countries with nuclear weapons are not attacked – unless of course it’s small civil wars like in the former Soviet Union.

It’s also a fact – only one country used nuclear weapons on civilians – twice in fact. And this country is a declared enemy of Iran by proxy (thru relations with Israel).

Israel has repeatedly threatened to invade Iran – simply out of fear. This is unfounded fear.

Regardless – If I was in power in Iran – I would be working all scientists and technology related resources 24 hours a day to get nuclear weapons in place. The sooner they have them, the quicker there will be peace between USA, Israel and Iran.

In today’s weapons reality – Nuclear weapons in Iran are a non event. The moment they try to lift one in the air – a microwave bomb will take it out of the sky by shorting it’s electronics. The USA currently is watching all nuclear bomb sites world wide and has disabling rockets ready to take them out shortly after launch.

Places like Israel have more to fear that their own nuclear weapons will be compromised via espionage and exploded on Israeli soil. – similar to 911, however more lethal.

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OK, how about we let the Saudi’s do the inspections?

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Butch in some sort of twisted way that about sounds right. In the meantime we in the rest of world are held hostage by politicians on all sides, more so by the Israelies.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

“No deal seen clinched in U.N. nuclear talks with Iran”

Somewhere there’s a quote about the definition of insanity.

Iran laughs at the West.

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fzn wrote:

if anyone thinks a deal will ever happen between these sides they r fools.. neither iran nor any of the other countries really want this to end.. they r all benefiting heavily from this situation and will keep it going for as long as possible..

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