Large blast hits Aleppo neighborhood in Syria: TV

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Slowo wrote:

Leaked top-secret reports by unnamed Western diplomats have confirmed the latests massacres against the Syrian population are indeed the work of Iranian backed Terror cells linked to the nefarious Al-Quds force, a special terror unit part of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard. Pro- democracy activists in Syria and Qatar have confirmed as much in a chatroom…

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mcanterel wrote:

Reuters, when you want it, you get people to confirm the news, but these crimes of Al Qaeda in Syria, you want them to stay anonymous, cause it serves your masters goals.

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Slammy wrote:


Since you seem to know more than the reporters, what weapon are the rebels firing that is causing this much damage? I would think the regime would be nervous if the rebels now have this type of firepower. So, what are they shooting that can blow 6 stories of walls off a building with one shot?

Jan 18, 2013 9:44am EST  --  Report as abuse
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