U.S., China in deal on U.N. North Korea rebuke; Russia to back it

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americanguy wrote:

So Russia and China are the enemies of the US, and work against our actions?
So much for that myth.
The US, China, and Russia work closer together on important world issues than in any other time in history and the reason is President Obama shows respect for other countries, and does not try to push China and Russia around like some US superpower bully.
Isn’t it laughable that China and Russia will work with President Obama, but Republicans in Congress refuse to do the same?
Now that’s funny.

Jan 18, 2013 3:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse
brooklyn45 wrote:

Now that’s a rebuke. A “Resolution” rather than a “Statement”. Boy, if I were North Korea I really would be worried this time. But, then again, the U.S. did want a strong Security Council reaction,”The United States had wanted to punish North Korea with a U.N. Security Council resolution that imposed new sanctions against Pyongyang, but Beijing rejected that option.” So, I guess getting China and Russia on board is the goal and anything somewhat meaningful falls by the wayside. I can’t wait to see what will happen next to Iran (BTW: the clock is ticking and the centrifuges are still whirring and it is now 2013).

Jan 18, 2013 4:48pm EST  --  Report as abuse
walfourth wrote:

It will be another empty gesture that in fact means nothing.

Jan 19, 2013 4:06am EST  --  Report as abuse
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