U.S. Air Force finds pornography, "offensive" material in inspections

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cgunsmithing wrote:

They just took the porn away from thousands of military men that are together for long periods of time. Talk about don’t ask don’t tell

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DrewGoodIdeas wrote:

God forbid that young people who are single or 15,000 miles away from their significant others for several months at a time would be in possession of something that aides in a biological function. Maxim? This is porn now? If you’re 11. This is great, now soldiers in a pent up rage are going to go postal on each other. Another gun control effort? You decide.

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mtj wrote:

So a Dallas Cowbows Cheerleaders poster is offensive ?

Some busybodies won,t be happy until our fighting forces are made up of only gays, wusses and all the other pc groups.

Good luck with that approach.

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Snerdguy wrote:

Oh good grief! Porn and sexism flourishes in the military environment. It’s the talk in the office, the golf course, the gym, the officer’s club and the mens room. That air of professionalism in the workplace is an illusion created for visitors and reporters. I can only imagine how many Air Force commanders are less than interested in creating a workplace free of sexually suggestive behavior and material or going over the Air Force approved training material. Professionalism requires competent leadership, not the good ole boy network where golf buddies get promoted and cover for each others misdoings. This is just another knee jerk by some higher up commander being done for some kind of damage control.

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Exhorter wrote:

As a former active member of the USAF (recently retired) I find the stance of my beloved service as usual completely hypocritical. For twenty-five years this type response or call to action has been nothing but offensive. The military practices a turn a blind eye and talk out the side of the mouth approach until it is time to show someone business as usual must cease (for the moment). A moral standard is always enforced to sacrifice a few martyrs and appease the masses. Then it is always back to the way we were doing and teaching it. The younger troops get caught up in a good old boy loop glamorizing bad behavior for the golden children who will be protected on both the officer and enlisted side. Then when some of these unfortunates do what they have witnessed the book is thrown at them and their name is destroyed. Down with the hypocrisy of the military, be true to your real creed – self before service. Air Power!

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Jim_Dandy wrote:

Who would have figured, porn mags around a bunch of G.I.s.

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A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading poster? I remember getting chewed out about my mousepad. It had a picture of an attractive girl in a bikini on it. After getting reamed and listening to lectures on sexual harassment, from a shrilly administrator, I had to ask, what’s the problem with me having a mousepad of my girlfriend on my computer desk?

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DrewGoodIdeas it is not a normal bodily function to do it to porn, sorry. It is well founded that watching porn and only using your hand messes with the reward system in the brain and messes up normal bodily function. ED is not normal… but it is becomign so , so I guess you are half right. (and it can take months or years to have normal function, if the person is willing to stop using porn that is. There are now online clubs for those who can’t)

While it is difficult to decide what constitutes porn, I imagine this was a knee jerk reaction to purge it all. There was no punishment other than destroying it, so stop overreacting. If anything this might give them a much needed break from it. The “new” porn is nothing like the naughty titillating soft porn of old.

How about reading about how porn can mess with the brain and how often men cannot be with a normal woman doing normal things if they have been addicted to porn, hmmmm? it seems none of the men replying here (and most reading it) think there is no harm in porn, but I bet most need the blue pill or have used it.

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