Confident Obama lays out battle plan as he launches second term

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morbas wrote:

Fair is in not taxing subsistence. The upper quintile views fair as take home versus earnings. This meets both criteria. The more you make the more you take home. It is also a marginalized (at poverty) flat rate of taxation. The Washington bureaucrats missed a fiscal cliff opportunity to propose a fair flat rate tax. Rates $0-20K 0%, money above $20K 35%; couples freely share; all income bundled and taxed together, no exemptions; couples share. The effective taxation is less for the under $250K income. To provide business relief with no business taxation: provide a means for the ‘partnership and disregarded’ businesses to transfer funds into personal accounts as taxable income. Ends family business inheritance taxation, except when sold for personal profit (always taxable).
The fiscal cliff was a furtherance of the upper quintile low (20%)tax rate pork payed by the lower quintile higher (39.5% plus payroll) tax rates, bundled with deficit growth. A 35% flat rate margin at poverty yields 110% of the federal $3.8 Trillion budget.

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bTeri wrote:

Obama made it clear today he is only President for the 51.5% of the people that voted for him and that he cares nothing for the tremendous economic suffering pervasive throughout the country due to his failed economic policies.

Obama is deluded if he thinks he’s going to pressure the Republican House to pass a progressive agenda because his campaign machine morphs into a bully lobbying force – didnt work for Obamacare (had to use bribes and smoke and mirrors, his 100+ speeches didnt move the polls to get the people to support Obamacare) and wont work for his progressive checklist laid out today. Once 2014 rolls around with more economic suffering and Obamacare coming into full force Obama is going to wish for the shellacking he got in 2010 come the Nov 2014 election.

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smit1610 wrote:

His battle plan better address our massive deficit and his reluctance to deal with it. There is nothing that will sink us more than not dealing with this issue. Everything else is pales in comparison and all of our social welfare programs depend on how this issue is addressed.

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NJ989 wrote:

Obama’s soaring rhetoric is at odds with his petty, divisive and highly partisan style of governing. He is president of the 51 percent who voted for him. The other 49 percent, he demonizes. His followers are ideologues and dupes. And his legacy will be crushing debt and a lower standard of living, if not total economic collapse

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JimsZ wrote:

@smit1610 – so long as that 51% are getting free food, free health care, free housing, free cell phones – they don’t care about those of us working 2 jobs and now paying higher taxes…

How about welfare reform? How about cutting the deficit? How about not taking everything from the working class thereby making us no better than the “poor” that don’t work? Those “poor” as they call it get to spend a lot of time with their family, of which I can only say I wish I had the time to spend. Those “poor” get to sit around all day playing xbox on my dime. Do you think those with the free “Obama Phones” are actually going to answer the phone when it’s a job offer? I really don’t understand why we need to pay for phones for someone who’s not using it for what it’s intended (remember, 911 is free – even on an inactive phone) so what’s the use of giving a paid phone with xx minutes per month? Things really are getting out of hand for the minority of us supporting the majority!

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JonW57 wrote:

Same tired rhetoric as last time…”More inclusive”(as long as you do it my way), “wealth redistribution” from the middle class to the rich and to government), “hard choices on the budget”, (raising taxes on the middle class to support those on the public dole), “immigration reform” (importing more Democrat voters who will vote not on principle, but based on Obama handouts).

Obama has had four years to get his plans in place, and he has accomplished nothing other than a monstrosity of a government dictate (healthcare) passed on a purely partisan vote of all Democrats and a program, part of which, even Obama wants repealed. Additionally he has not ended both of Bush’s wars as he promised, but he has engaged us on a limited basis in several other “brush fire” wars all over Africa and the Middle East. He has increased the national debt by a third (another promise broken) and as yet has offered NO PLAN to stop the fiscal hemorrhage. He has had everything he has asked for in spending, approved by the congress to include multiple debt limit increases which dropped our national credit rating, and still he claims that he is being “Obstructed” by republicans which control one half of one third go the government. Does this loser ever accept responsibility for his failures? Apparently Not!

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aberdeenvet wrote:

Sure, everything except saving our economy and putting our people back to work. Just as when he was campaigning for office, all he talks about it things stressed to keep our minds off of what is necessary to return our economy to one that will not fail like that of Europe. Turning our society into that of Greece. No ideas or intelligent plans to reduce our debt. No plans to stop illegal aliens and send back all those who have already come here to drain our resources. No jobs, but a larger population of illegals and entitlement voters to keep the Democrats in office. It is a disgrace what he has done to us, while his admirers bow down to Obama the Almighty. All our children deserve better than what we are leaving for them. The immoral societies of the Middle East are taking over the world. Instead of educating our children, we are saddled with educating the children of illegal aliens. Health care is being structured to take care of illegals at our expense. This country is now a second rate entity doomed to fail. But global warming is more important than solving our immediate problems.

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aberdeenvet wrote:


“We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”

Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

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ZelaZinthia wrote:

America cannot prosper when too much of it’s wealth is in too few hands. And President Obama will not be able to adequately address the debt problem until the wealthy understand that they will be the losers in the total economic collapse of America, perhaps the world, which some are already predicting.

The wealthy 20%, who own 85% of America’s wealth, are the only ones that are able to do anything meaningful with regard to the debt and their failure to act in a more deliberate way may well bring about that prediction.

The ensuing dislocation and devastation that would follow such a collapse would throw our country into a state of chaos the likes of which we have never seen or would ever want to.

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GavinInTucson wrote:

The country’s doomed — it’s too bad a little more than half of the country doesn’t realize it’s already dead. I hope your Passport is up to date (you’ll need it).

For the low-information-voter, I invite you to visit Our unfunded liabilities (Medicare, Social Security in particular) exceeds the Gross National Product of the ENTIRE PLANET. You could confiscate 100% of the wealthy’s income and aggregated wealth (their bank accounts) and it wouldn’t even matter. Again, WE ARE DOOMED.

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bates148 wrote:

We can only hope Mr Obama plans to move forward with his promises. Although, it might already be too late.

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bates148 wrote:

Inauguration 2009 vs. 2013

Gallon of gas 1/20/2009: $1.84
Gallon of gas 1/20/2013: $3.26

Unemployment rate 1/20/2009: 7.8%
Unemployment rate 1/20/2013: 7.8%

Estimated welfare spending as of 1/20/2009: $563 billion
Estimated welfare spending as of 1/20/2013: $1.03 trillion

Number of Americans on food stamps 1/20/2009: 34 million
Number of Americans on food stamps 1/20/2013: 47.5 million

Average monthly premium for individual health policies 1/20/1009: $161
Average monthly premium for individual health policies 1/20/1009: $184

Median household income in America adjusted for inflation 1/20/2009: $52,195
Median household income in America adjusted for inflation 1/20/2013: $50,054

Number of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan as of 1/20/2009: 630
Number of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan as of 1/20/2013: 1324

US national debt as of 1/20/2009: $10 trillion
US national debt as of 1/20/2013: $16.4 trillion

Social Security income/deficits as of 1/20/2009: SURPLUS of roughly $4 billion
Social Security income/deficits as of 1/20/2013: DEFICIT of roughly $20 billion


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).
U.S. Department of Agriculture Food & Nutrition Service.
U.S. Department of the Treasury.
National Center for Health Statistics.
iCasualties: Operation Enduring Freedom.

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rioamericano wrote:

I notice a lot of conservative commentary on this thread about how much debt the U.S. has racked up and oh how awful it is. Strange, I didn’t read any mention at all of the 2 massive trillion dollar charges on the credit card statement for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars started by Obama’s predecessor. And lest we forget, the free market system is predicated on the creation of debt. Credit runs capitalism as in fractional reserve system and money being created out of thin air. You don’t like it? Come up with something else. The gold standard won’t change the basic dynamics of the need for credit markets and the creation of debt to finance business and government. So either put up or shut up.

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PortlandME wrote:

I laugh out loud every time I read anti-Obama comments. Comments based on fear or illusions that Obama’s primary mission is to destroy the country because he hates America or what America “stands for.” Obama does not believe in capitalism or free enterprise as they say. Yet, these same anti-Obama supporters refuse to acknowledge that Republicans turned a budget surplus into trillion dollar deficits as well as nearly took the nation into another depression. And, they refuse to acknowledge that American corporations are earning record profits under Obama’s time in office. And, they refuse to acknowledge that the economy is growing, albeit slower than we would want, and recovering from the recession of 2008. Yes, I laugh at these anti-Obama comments because they bring joy to my heart because he is proving them wrong on every count. Obama is not a perfect person or nor is he a person who has all of the answers/solutions to make this country great…but compared to the Republicans, especially the clowns in the House of Representatives, I am placing my bet on Obama.

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bates148 wrote:

@rioamericano Yes, but excessive debt constrains economic growth. Debt is not free. The more you have, the more interest you pay.

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Invictuss wrote:

plan is to take over Iran isn’t it lol

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morbas wrote:

@bates148: “Inauguration 2009 vs. 2013″
Congressional Unconstituional Filibuster Rules.
Open conspiracy against the President 2009.
And even more aggredious, denying our right to vote though Jim Crow subversion 2012.

First comment shows a positive solution to deficit and have written to my represenatatives. The solution reduces 2011 level taxation on the poor, and uses a circa pre 2007 conservative approach. I am hopefull that the insuing negativism does not induce resistance, we need constructive comments here folks.

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SueDeaunym wrote:

I’d have preferred a less provocative title for this otherwise fine article.

To the extent that Obama is laying out a “battle plan,” it is in response to the incessant attacks on his presidency (and, in turn, the nation) by malicious rightwing reactionaries in Congress, special interest groups, and media.

The GOP’s war on progress is becoming a series of impotent pot-shots at Obama’s policies and administration, and apparently some of its broken soldiers are gathering here at Reuters to throw stink-bombs. Historians predict Obama will be ranked in the top third – many say the top ten – of presidents, even above Reagan, WAY above Dubya Bush.

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Levendi wrote:

The end to partisanship just means, “just do everything I say and don’t disagree with what I want to do”. Otherwise, everything is your fault, because as you know, nothing is my fault.

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Gazinya wrote:

Has anyone else noticed, and I’m sure you have, that The Obama and his admin with the rest of the Dems ALWAYS move the debate away from the lack of budget, defecit, jobs, money or anything that will stop the angst. The Obama has said ‘now that the jobs and unemployed are behind us we can focus on infrastructure and guns’. Has anyone else noticed.

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matinva wrote:

‘Battle’ would be the operative word. I hope this clown doesn’t think we’re all just going to roll over and play possum.

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fred1724 wrote:

This guy is a waste. He won’t face “minor” problems like massive debt, unemployment and a Mid-East in flames. But after all half of the American public doesn’t care either. So this country is toast!

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Br-andit wrote:

Everytime I read the headline my brain interprets the title as OVERconfident Obama … blah blah blah.

There is only one thing that can happen to someone so arrogant and full of himself – a severe fall to earth is in Obama’s future. I just hope too many more Americans don’t have to suffer and die along the way.

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“Confident Obama lays out battle plan as he launches second term”


If you’re an American citizen who isn’t on the laundry list of Work Opportunity Tax Credit beneficiaries or an illegal alien eligible for Dream Act and Delayed Deportation Action goodies, you’re in the president’s crosshairs.

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reuters_user wrote:

I saw nothing in him in 2008, and I see nothing new in him now to change my view that he’s simply a rank, partisan political hack. He points his minions in a direction (Pelosi, Shumer, Reid, Geithner, Waxman, et al, etc.) then goes out and plays golf and parties while they pursue very leftist policies. When they’ve pushed as far as they can go, he smugly comes in and signs the bill or whatever else he does so he can push his/their agenda down the throats of those who disagree. Those who agree don’t need it to be pushed, they lap it up. His entire policy is a mind-meld with John Podesta and Center for American “Progress.” It isn’t about solutions, it’s about “fundamentally transforming America” to something quite different than what it’s been, historically. If you agree with him, that’s fine. I don’t, but I’ve been told that I just don’t understand how he’s “repairing” the country. Repairing something indicates a process that puts an entity back to a previous condition or state when it worked as originally constructed. He’s not doing that; he’s pursuing a complete transformation to something else; a big-brother, big-government, assimilation into the “Borg” (to use a Star Trek term) where overreaching control is the goal. It reminds me of the “IT” character from “A Wrinkle In Time.” I don’t agree with that process and it’s unintended consequences, which will be huge; and, I think, disasterous.

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Sue01 wrote:

Because he was reelected he truly, I think, believes he has a mandate to go postal on America….he should remember that of those that voted for him, nearly 1 million were rigged votes; that at the very least half the country is not progressive aka democrat nee marxist. He is drunk on his own power and will never bend so I am very afraid for the USA. Whether you are a Republican, Independent or didn’t vote, time if running out. But, we need to take the vote rigging seriously in each of our communities and depend on ourselves, not some party or person. I am a Senior so I won’t be around to suffer the conversion of freedom to slavery but I do have grandchildren and great grands that will if we don’t get serious.

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supersniffy11 wrote:

“Confident Obama” should read “Arrogant Obama”. As @bates148 has pointed out, he has done far worse than Bush ever did.

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toledofan wrote:

But at the end of the speech, it echoes, again, like my way or the highway and the priocess doesn’t matter, it what I say goes. It is patheticv to listen to an emboldened liberal, they are just so arrogant and codesending. It’s just amazing that all of Obama’s speeches all sound the same and it’s like the guy is in a constant campaaign mode. Time will tell but focusing on social initiatives rather than unemployment is not the right ticket.

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Speaker2 wrote:

Sheez, bunch of sore losers here.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@bates 148, your statastics quotes leave out one very important point….When Obama took over the economy was in the grips of the worst recession in generations, so of course everything you mentioned is going to be ‘worse’ 4 years later. The important thing is to see how the economy is trending…

Dec. 2008:
Lost about 750K jobs.
GDP SHRANK in previous quarter ~7%

Dec 2012:
GAINED about 150K jobs
GDP GROWING by about 2-3% (numbers not out yet but latest estimation.

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capnjack43 wrote:

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

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Ya can always tell when an article makes it to the Drudge report

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johnwayland wrote:

He may be confident, but I personally fear for the country because of his policies.

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Ren757 wrote:

Collective is code for socialism. Those who voted for Obama will see what his true agenda is now that he’s been reelected. He will attempt to wipe out any opposition with the help of the liberal, elite media. He has said no more bipartisanship. His reelection affirms the people agree with his agenda. The people in general are clueless.

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fraccle wrote:


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morbas wrote:

The debt has one cause, the aristocratic view of superiority and exemption to responsibility, aye even subjugation of christianity itself. They would rather mint Roman ‘denarii’ and subjugate humanity to a slaves wage. The top quintile income wealth is over 60% of the national income summation. And yet we tax poverty levels to hoard even that last 1% of coin. And yet we tax least at the highest income levels.
The House of Representatives has the authority of taxation and can look no where else to shed it’s purpose. “…that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;…”.
Have a happy day :-).

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Tuscar wrote:

I miss when the Reuters comment section had actual intelligent conversations between informed open minded conservatives and liberals…
You now have to dig through post after post by trolls and closed minded partisan automatons to read one remotely interesting thought.

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puffnstuff wrote:

So let me get this straight, he wants to allow illegals in for democrat votes, raise taxes to pay for a fabricated climate crisis, raise taxes so he can buy votes from ignorant takers, and all the while tell us that he’s for the middle class. Sounds like a great plan.

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Thron wrote:

Obama’s “confidence” comes from a protective media. If the media reported on this protected president with the same slant and temperament it used on George Bush, he would have the confidence displayed by a Junior and Senior high school student in Hawaii doing marijuana daily and occasionally a “little blow.”

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WeRunAmerica wrote:

Confident? We Americans wil ignore any of your bogus gun laws or executive orders… your aggression will soon get you impeached Beeeotch!

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thk wrote:

bTeri – at the time of last November’s election, 170 million Americans were registered to vote. Obama garnered 64 million voted or 34% of the voting population. The remaining 66% or 106 million voters either voted for another candidate or did not bother to vote. Obama has no mandate or a disputed mandate to rule. (In other times it would have been “govern.”) His total vote count does not represent the “will of the American people, regardless of how hard the Obama (Democrat) propaganda machine churns out this lie.

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SueDeaunym wrote:

“We Americans wil ignore any of your bogus gun laws or executive orders…” Ah, there’s a concrete and steel box with WeRunAmerica on it for you to call home for a few years.

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Miguel526 wrote:

This one-time life-long democrat sees Obama’s Inaugural speech’s vicious under-spoken code-word hatreds for one half of our country, instead spouting the corrupt politics of his launch point from America’s most corrupt city in America: Chicago, Ill.

Obama’s chances of getting his ever-more-corrupt-government-spending to further enrich his hate-speeching political elite will Not get far as more people like me who see my former party’s overt plundering of our government treasuries all across America to pay for their lies and empty promises in it’s blind buying of votes from whoever they can, wherever they can.

The result: the vast criminal playlands in Chicago, Detroit, Philly, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Boston, Trenton, Atlanta, St. Louis, LA, Oakland CA, Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlantic City, et al.

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