Blast, drones kill 16 al Qaeda-linked militants in Yemen

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sylvan wrote:

I hope it is one-eyed Marlboro man who planned the Algerian attacks who is in that car. I think he asked for a light.

Jan 20, 2013 4:38am EST  --  Report as abuse
xyz2055 wrote:

Good stuff! These cowards would scurry into the woodwork like cockroaches if they saw troops moving in. They never see the drone coming. When it is dangerous to be a terrorist…there will be less terrorists. Keep it going boys…get them ALL!

Jan 20, 2013 5:46am EST  --  Report as abuse
Doc62 wrote:

The drones are the perfect weapon against terrorists. Their construction is good for the US economy. With islamic terrorism popping up in many places, the world will need drones for a long time.
Could we get a little cash or concessions from the countries that are using them?

Jan 20, 2013 10:56am EST  --  Report as abuse
JamVee wrote:


Hey Sylvan – “Asked for a light” = EXCELLENT WORD PLAY.

Jan 20, 2013 11:20am EST  --  Report as abuse
BukkaT wrote:

This is a time where we as Americans need to question what kind of Democratic governments we believe in. If the US government claimed that you were making bombs in your house, and that you were a terrorist militant, we would want proof. We would want due process. We would not want a drone to blow us all to smithereens, we would want a TRIAL BY JURY that we were guilty of the crime we had been charged with. But since we live in our own “democratic” country with our own right to a fair trial totally stripped by the Patriot Act, I guess Americans prefer totalitarianism when it’s convenient for us, and when it goes after ‘evil terrorists’ and not ‘innocent civilians’ (but we don’t even ask what the difference is when we are told by the media that people are terrorists).

Jan 20, 2013 12:50pm EST  --  Report as abuse
LysdrSpnr wrote:

And I am sure no innocent people were killed in this strike…

I hate terrorists as much as anybody, but I fear the day when drones are flying above us killing innocents with impunity here in the States. Perhaps if they are not already circling above us in the red states Something to think about…

Jan 20, 2013 1:49pm EST  --  Report as abuse
MKM23 wrote:

Bukka, you are trying to apply a domestic law to an international setting which are two different things.

Jan 20, 2013 2:44pm EST  --  Report as abuse
eaanders wrote:

No one, including the press or the US government ever seems to ask the question of how many new terrorists are created by drone attacks vs. the number eliminated by them. It would seem from the increase in terrorist activity across the globe that armed drone attacks have been counter productive because they end up killing civilians which alienates more of the local population and makes it easier to recruit new terrorists. Would it not be more productive to use drones for surveillance only, unless there is a certainty that civilians are not endagered?

Jan 20, 2013 3:42pm EST  --  Report as abuse
rishqo wrote:

Neverending constantly perpetuated war behind our borders, to which sheep folks get so used and tired of it, they don`t even dare to question it = ultimate dream of any dictator or tyrannical regime.

Always reminds me of Orwell`s 1984: WAR IS PEACE…..

Jan 22, 2013 6:54pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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