Syrian opposition fails to form transitional government

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Fromkin wrote:

This article is full of lies and ridiculous statements. Here are a few.

Lie 1:

“That division has been deepening since the Arab Spring revolts began in Tunisia two years ago, toppling dictators in four Arab countries and ushering in Islamist political ascendancy.”

The toppled dictators were Puppets removed from service by their masters. Assad is nobody’s puppet. He is a son of a Hero that Syrians chose to lead in recognition of his father service to Syria. Assad is the most educated and progressist leader in that region.

Ridiculous statement 1:

“With little immediate prospect of an internationally brokered deal to remove Assad, any prime minister named by the coalition would have to be acceptable to rebels who have been making incremental gains on the ground despite massive air and artillery bombardment.”

So the US and allies wanted to use the UN to remove a head of state. This is an illegal move contrary to UN charter.

repeating rebels are making “incremental gains” is a lie. They have failed to overthrow the Syrian government. What about their incremental losses?

Saying an agreement has be acceptable to “rebels” simply means to be acceptable to US. People are not fooled anymore.

… “keep the minority-ruled police state intact.”

This can only result from hate of the Syrian government. Saudi Arabia,Qatar, Algeria, Marocco, UEA, Jordan,even Turkey are police state but they will never be described as such by Reuters’ Syrian government hating journalists.

A big lie:

“… even as Syria slides further into sectarian conflict between the Sunni Muslim majority and Assad’s minority Alawite sect”

This is the biggest lie. The conflict is between the West and Syria. The West which is using terrorism thinks that by removing Assad from power, it will ofer protection to Israel(to continue attacking its neighbors with impunity) and open a new front to attack Iran.

Sectarian divide is being used by Syria’s enemies as a tool to divide and conquer BUT the conflict IS NOT SECTARIAN. Definitely not between Sunnis against Alawite sect. This is a racist statement that is offensive and needs to be repudiate by every human being with conscience. This statement prepares the ground for a genocide which will only profit Syrians’enemies.

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mcanterel wrote:

Reuters, say it simply: a bunch of traitors paid and sponsored by dictator kings and their Western masters WILL NEVER be accepted by any patriotic Syrian, not even a staunch opponent of the current government.

The rest of your reporting, for the last 2 years, is only result of hubris, and dementia in helping the rapists and assassins topple all popular legitimacy in all Arab states not ruled by a despotic king or emir.

Oh, the West want to help Arabs reach democracy, like in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco, Kuweit, Bahrain, Oman, UAE. Those are your friends. Keep them!

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mcanterel wrote:

Remember Ghalioun, the pied piper, SNC faceplate leader by virtue of his Western masters? He openned a tobacco shop in Paris!

Remember Riad Al-As’ad (“the dimwit”, not to confuse with Assad which means “Lion”)? Well, just like “General Hummus” before him (google it!), this traitor is oppening a Falafel shop, albeit in Ankara, and not Tel Aviv, for practical reasons.

Just who is stupid enough to take these bozo criminal traitors seriously?

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Fromkin wrote:


“The rest of your reporting, for the last 2 years, is only result of hubris, and dementia in helping the rapists and assassins topple all popular legitimacy in all Arab states not ruled by a despotic king or emir.”

You’re right on target. I visit the NYT almost daily. I became suspicious of the so called “Arab Spring” when I read an article in the NYT during the Tunisian or Egypt events that predicted(was more a plan)that the Arab Spring will topple every leader in the Middle east but the kings and emirs will survive.

And then these people are full of s!!t. They want to name a premier minister to administer what? Refugees camps in Turkey and Jordan? Or maybe fictitious “swathes of terroritoties controlled by rebels” according to Reuters

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