Dissident Eritrean troops seize ministry

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revamadison wrote:

As a resident of Asmara back in the early 60s and late 70s, I have been following, as best possible, the ongoing political and human situation in Eritrea. It was a mostly friendly peoples during those times, and I did extensive travel those days. There were, even then, dissidents who were anti-Ethiopian, called the Eritrean Liberation Forces, or locally known as “Shiftas” (theves)of the hills. These are the people who eventually, along with the people of the state of Tigray, which lies directly South of Eritrea, fought with and won against the Ethiopian government and military. A prior agreement between the leadership of the two states then allowed Eritrean voters to determine their future, and that future became a new nation of Eritrea. Since then, with the present leadership, they have become a different people, moving away for strength of the Ethiopian Coptic Church, to more power to the minority Muslim population. It is sad. They have not only the second largest African military force, but are the poorest nation in the world, thanks to Afewerki, and his policies.

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