Philippines seeks U.N. help to resolve maritime row with China

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Free_Pacific wrote:

“But it was not clear how the tribunal can help. While all its decisions are binding on countries concerned, it has no power to enforce them.”

It does not matter. Ignoring a binding arbitration will will show once and for all the contempt this country has for those, as they put it ‘Little countries’ (“China is a big country and other countries are small countries and that is just a fact.” – Yang Jiechi (Angrily) in relation to how China should deal with sea disputes with it’s neighbors).

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herestp wrote:

“A unit of Philippine firm Philex Petroleum Corp is hoping to resume talks with Chinese state-own……”
It is like asking China to be nice to Philippines after Philippines takes the lead in annoying China and add to that renaming the area around the disputed islands West Philippines Sea. China is not going to cooperate for quite a while unless Philippines is seen by China as well behaving and perhaps China will give her a bone perhaps within half a year.The failure to settle is purely the result of an incompetent Philippines president who went to China last April and come back empty handed triggering more tensions. As a small country you cannot jerk a big country around using US support to intimidate China.

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mgunn wrote:

The US hasn’t signed UNCLOS so its hard for UN council to support what one of the main members hasn’t even agreed to. The articles reference as Vietnam as an ally is a stretch: not only is Vietnam communist and an alleged human rights violator, but the US has killed FAR more Vietnamese than the French or Chinese ever did and while younger people may not remember, the older leadership does. BTW – the US has killed far more Filipinos last century than the Spanish or Japanese ever did. (China doesn’t even enter into that equation.)

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Abulafiah wrote:

If China had any valid claim to any of their multiple land-grabs, they would welcome UN arbitration. If the UN backed China, that would seal the deal.

They are scared of the UN because they know their claim is baseless, and that if the UN decides, China will lose.

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