Palestinians see no hope for peace in Israeli polls

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SirWilliam wrote:

The Palestinians can have peace the minute they want it. All they have to do is acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and stop waging war on Israel. The PA is run like the mafia. Arafat stole billions in aid from the Palestinian people. And it help if the Palestinian people didn’t celebrate in the streets whenever a Jewish family with their young children was murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

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whereisanykey wrote:

Israel does Not “occupy” the “west bank”. It was JORDAN who were the occupiers. How can there be an occupation by a non-people. Here’s a quiz for you at reuters and Noach Browning and Saleh Salem on the “state of Palestine”. 1) When was the country founded and by whom. 2) What were its borders. 3) What was its capital. 4) What were its major cities. 5) Name at least One leader Before Arafat. 6) What was the original language,and Not Arabic. 7) What was its prevalent religion. 8) Why did the “Palestinians” Never try to become independent until After the Arab defeat in the 67 war. If there is such a people as Palestinian then these questions should have readily available answers.

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JonCarry wrote:

The Palestinians see no hope for peace because they don’t want peace.

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markgl wrote:

I think it’s more like the Israelis see no hope for peace. Doesn’t matter who they vote in, the Palestinians will always hate them and never want peace.

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kestrel27 wrote:

Palestinians see no hope for peace??? Now there’s a laugh for ya. The same Palestinians who have been committing terrorist acts against Israel for decades, blowing up market places and buses. Launching rockets into Israel, killing innocent men, women, and children are now upset that they won’t get peace if Israel moves to the right. Well maybe if the dipstick Palestinians actually tried reaching out with an olive branch instead of an iron fist, they’d get the peace they supposedly want. Just how stupid or phoney can you be?

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mjazzguitar wrote:

“Abbas has put his faith in diplomacy”?
What part of “Abbas refuses to negotiate” does the writer not understand?

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4Cryinoutloud wrote:

You mean lobbing rockets into Israel, and then screaming to the press when the Israelis respond hasn’t brought about any change in sentiment in Israel? Who would have thought?

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PrinceHapi wrote:

the Palestinians see no hope because they are unwilling to compromise.

their terms are Israel Out Palestinians In.

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PrinceHapi wrote:

The Palestinians are unwilling to live peacefully along side Israelis even when given equal representation in legislature and or special privileges.

They want everything their way or it is no way. go figure why they see no hope it is their own fault.

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bartgolden wrote:

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it all depends upon what the meaning of “peace” is.

If peace is having your own homeland, respecting the rights of the Jews to have their own homeland, and everybody trying to get along, then the Palestinians could have had peace decades ago.

If we are talking about peace relative to the PLO/Hamas definition of killing all the Jews and Israel no longer existing as a country, then the Palestinians had better not hold their breaths for that to happen.

The Israelis understand the unabashed hatred their so called “Partners for Peace” have for them. There is no reason the Israelis shouldn’t control and occupy as much land as they can. They need a defendable position.

The Palestinians need to get their own house in order before they criticize how the Israelis treat them. The internal warfare among the Palestinians gives the Israelis every justification for how they act. They know they have enemies who want to destroy them. Why is it so shocking that they take extreme measures to protect themselves?

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SBolivar wrote:

“Palestinians see no hope for peace in Israeli polls”

One very easy way would be for Hamas to stop their terrorist acts. Another would be for Israel to rid the area of Palestinians altogether.

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adrshepard wrote:

Any attempt Palestinians make to negotiate with Israel as equals will fail because they have no power. Jewish settlement in the West Bank will continue regardless of whether or not Abbas decides to stop talks in protest. Only a major Palestinian concession will put Israel on the defensive politically, otherwise its people will keep expanding until they run out of vacant land.

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Sue01 wrote:

There can be hope for peace so long as Palestinians and islamists demand the 100% Holocaust of Israel. They have been offered all they’ve asked for but won’t allow a group of people who are Jewish to exist in a part of the world where by all lived together for over 7 thousand years. What I most despise is the duplicity of our government and the media in blaming everything on Israel and demanding obligations that Jews have tried to offer but been rejected. It is unfortunate that a peoples whose main commitment to live is death and use their brother, sisters and their own children to die for that ugly cause is beyond me.

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“Regardless of who wins, the result is the same: Israelis want this land but not the people,” said Ahmed Amro

Amed has it right. And seeing how it has gone so far, who can blame them? I mean besides the UN and those guys.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

Firstly, the term “Palestinian” was a national designation given to the inhabitants of the Jewish Homeland in 1922. Other than that, it had no ethnic/intrinsic nationalist* value, which is why the territory was re-named Israel on May 14, 1948 when the Jews declared independence.

Secondly, Arab governments resurrected the defunct “Palestinian” name in 1964 (at the first Arab League summit in Cairo, Egypt, where the PLO was officially created and launched) when they were forced to alter their strategy towards Israel, because Israel in 1963 had either tested their first nuclear bomb or actually acquired their first nuclear bomb.**

This brings us to the Six-Day War, which was planned (with the cooperation of the USSR) to be lost by Arab governments, so as to operationalize the Arab governments’ proxy strategy, using the newly-minted “Palestinians”.

Note that Arab governments never did create an “Arab” state for West Bank/Gaza inhabitants between 1948 – 1963, nor a “Palestinian” state (when “Arabs” was changed to “Palestinians”) between 1964 – May 1967.

The next phase of the Arab governments’ Long-Range Strategy will be to have Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza renounce their claim for an independent state and opt to become Israeli citizens instead, which is what they are according to the Palestine Mandate of 1922. When one throws in Arabs living in the refugee camps, the Jewish inhabitants of Israel will be electorally out-voted, leading to the reincorporation of the territory that is now Israel back into the Arab fold.

There is, however, one tactic that Israel will use to thwart the “new” Arab governments’ Long-Range Strategy:

Israel’s counter-strategy to offset the looming Arab electoral majority will be to offer Jews living all over the world automatic Israeli citizenship, thereby conferring the right to vote in Israeli elections, swinging the electoral balance back overwhelmingly to the Jewish side.

Contemporaneous with events described above, watch for the fake “collapse” of the Chinese Communist government (following the last major Communist disinformation operation: The fraudulent collapse of the USSR. Both disinformation operations fall under the “Long-Range Policy”, the “new” strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 to defeat the West.), when soon after that “collapse” Mexico will request the “assistance” of Chinese troops in combating the then spreading Mexico City-manufactured “drug wars” there. America, however, will be stymied from preventing the presence of Chinese troops in Mexico due to emergencies that will “suddenly” crop up in the Korean peninsula, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
*”The First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations (in Jerusalem, February 1919), which met for the purpose of selecting a Palestinian Arab representative for the Paris Peace Conference, adopted the following resolution: “We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographical bonds.”[60]” – Wikipedia, “Palestinian People”.


“An all-Palestine Congress was held in Jerusalem between January 27 and February 10, 1919, to formulate a common policy, called “program”, on Palestine to advise Faisal while attending the Paris Peace Conference on behalf of the Arabs. The Jerusalem Congress was presided over by ‘Aref Pasha al-Dajani who was, at the time, the president of the Jerusalem branch of the Muslim-Christian Association mentioned earlier. (Representatives of the Association also attended the General Syrian Congress in Damascus.)(8)

The Jerusalem Congress, resolved to reject political Zionism and to accept British assistance on condition such assistance would not impinge upon Sovereignty in Palestine.(9) Basically, the Congress wanted Palestine to be part of an independent Syrian State to be governed by Faisal of the Hashemite family. It also preferred U.S. political tutelage, should this be necessary, or British tutelage, as a second choice, but under no circumstances would the Congress accept French political guardianship.” – PALESTINE:

Note that DR. MANUEL HASSASSIAN inadvertently admits to the lie of the “distinct Palestinian People” when he writes, “Basically, the Congress wanted Palestine to be part of an independent Syrian State to be governed by Faisal of the Hashemite family.”

In these consultations between Arab elites of Palestine circa 1919-1920, there was NO mention of the “distinct ethnic Palestinian people”. They referred to themselves as Syrian, Arab.

** Note: Arab governments held their first Arab League summit the very year after Israel’s reputed first test (or acquisition) of a nuclear bomb. The summit was necessary in order to implement a new Pan Arab government “Long-Range Strategy” towards Israel.

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uncledirtnap wrote:

Beginning with the headline to the last word this article is and insult to anyone who has followed and truly understands the situation in the middle east.

Anyone who believes or claims that the “palestinians” and the leadership they’ve chosen seek or even want peace, is an idiot, liar or both.

Until the world is prepared to accept the truth that the “palestinians” and those who support them have one set of goals, have always had one set of goals, the destruction of Israel and the eradication of Jews and Christians from the region and every thing they’ve done to date is merely a step towards those goals…

There will never be peace.

The facts are not in dispute, there have been three separate official and many unofficial opportunities for a Palestinian state to be created since 1941 and each time they’ve rejected it and chosen to continue the war they began more than 70 years ago.

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accbar wrote:

I used to have a bit of sympathy for the “plight” of the folks that call themselves palestinians, until I heard the translation of their former leader, Arafat, discussing what the attitude of his jihadi movement was toward the country of Israel. There will be no peace in Jerusalem until Christ comes again. In the meanwhile, if the world is interested, the rest of us will attempt to be referees to keep the Israelites from being exterminated.
Pray for peace, do not contribute further to murderers.

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atrayuP wrote:

The Palestinans shot over 300 rockets into Israel last month and now they want peace? The best way is for them to return to Jordan-Egypt where they came from. They have zero claim to Israel.

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mewp1 wrote:

The “palestinians” are the ones that reject peace. Why should Israel pay attention to what they say?

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txguy71 wrote:

At least Reuters acknowledged that Hamas wants to destroy Israel. It overlooks, however, that most of the rest of the Arabs want to destroy Israel, too.

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Tonylord wrote:

Get ready for another decade of war and killing in the middle east. Israel keeps expanding by illegal settlements on occupied lands. These is only one answer to that is war and misery. Go for it.

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smallgovt wrote:

They will have no hope until their leaders accept Israel right to exist and willing wish peace between the two. Israel in the 90′s willing to give Arafat everything in land but refused. They treat their people like slaves not free people that they are. Enslaved to the idea of war so they may continue to rule over their people as masters not leaders.

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caligula41776 wrote:

“Palestinians see no hope for peace”

LOL. i have the recipe for peace. stop lobbing rockets into Israel and they won’t respond by firing rockets back at you. HOORAY! PEACE!

(but let’s be honest here for a second…i know the “palestinians” don’t have the restraint to, capability of, or interest in maintaining peace.)

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jimmy37 wrote:

Why doesn’t Reuters publish what Arabs tell each other in Arabic? Like what is broadcast and published in Al-Jazeera?


Arabs could a have a state tomorrow if they publically say and act that a Jewish Israel has a right to exist in defensible boundaries.

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Trixlet wrote:

The displaced Jordanians that no other muslim country wants, do not want peace. Other muslim countries use them to keep this thing going with Israel so Israel has no peace. In 1977 the PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein,said:

The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.” Palestine has never in history, existed as a Nation. Other Arab countries could have absorbed these refugees, but even they don’t want them, they see more use in disowning them and using them to torment Israel.

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minfxbg wrote:

When you align yourself with the likes of Arafat, Morsi, Hamas, Al Queda, Taliban, Iran, Syria, Quadaffi etc., guess it sucks being you.

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rgbviews wrote:

Stop the lies!!

The Palestinian leadership HAS, MORE THAN ONCE, recognized the right of Isreal to exist. What they refuse to accept is the “Jewish State of Israel” which denies the human rights of arab-Iraelis and automatically cancels the right of return. Netanyahu came up with this moving of the goal posts to obstruct the peace process.

Spreading mis-information automatically discredits the posting, which is about 90% of what I see above.

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rgbviews wrote:

Can the hasbara posters actually think for themselves? Can they not see that theextremist government they are defending is hell-bent on destroying a modern liberal State of Isreal and I suggest destroying the whole original zionist concept.

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Gandaffy wrote:

Sir William, with the Occupiers building more and more settlements without international support you claim that Palestine will have peace and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian lands will cease if the Palestinians just acknowledge the occupations legitimacy.

I say you are a liar and the ethnic cleansing will go into hyper drive if the Palestinians give the occupation even the slightest hint of legitimacy.

The occupation is not legitimate and the occupiers ARE run by an ACTUAL mafia, the Rothschild’s global financial dictatorship. Calling this occupation ‘Israel’ is like calling Satan, ‘God’.

The ethnicity of the occupation is less semitic than the Palestinians.

Ashkenaz ‘Jews’ have no right to the land, and will never get the ‘acknowledgement’ you claim they deserve.

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Gandaffy wrote:

God bless and keep the Christian Palestinian people and their Muslim brothers as they continue their resistance of the occupation.

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libsukbigtime wrote:

Palestinians don’t want peace. They never have, they never will. What they do want is the total destruction of Israel.

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TOGOMedia wrote:

The two most dangerous adversaries are the one who has everything to lose, and the one who has nothing to lose.


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NormanB wrote:

The Palestinians have no hope for peace because they have no plan for peace except6 the ‘right of return’ which would mean a non-Jewish state. Let them lay a plan on the table and start real negotiations and until that happens let the writers of these articles stop lamenting the Palestinians’s dilemma for they are doing nothing to get out of it. This is the point that Israel has finally come to grips with: There is no Palestinian Peace Plan.

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anti-taqiyya wrote:

Stop the lies!!!

There is no “occupied” land. There never was a sovereign state called Palestine to “steal” land from. There is NO legal or historical weight behide the term “occupied”

If the Muslim community was REALLY concerned with occupied lands, then perhaps they should look at a REAL occupation. Turkey currently occupies Northern Cyprus. Their invasion and ethnic cleansing started in 1974. The Christians living there were driven from their homes, had cemeteries desecrated and churches were either burned down or converted into mosques.

Their only “crime”….being an infidel.

Perhaps those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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n_slash_a wrote:

“Direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down in 2010 over the building of settlements in the West Bank”. I don’t understand, wasn’t our Dear Leader Obama going make everything okay? He said that his Muslims appeasement policies would make them hold hands and sing kumbayah!

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Lone_Gunman wrote:

The “palestinians” don’t have peace because their leaders don’t want peace! They profit from this conflict yet have no responsibility to run the country they claim to espouse. Kind of reminds you of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, doesn’t it, ie, profit from the misery of your own race?

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hombre41 wrote:

What a surprise! The bombers and hate-mongers who deny Israel’s right to exist see no hope for peace.

As Golda said: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate [Israelis/Jews].”

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ap1756 wrote:

Israel must declare: The game of pretense and fiction is over. Israel is no longer willing to pretend that there exists some sort of “Palestinian people” entitled to statehood. The “Palestinians” are Arabs, and Arabs already have 22 states. They will not get yet another inside Israeli lands. Any Palestinian wishing to enjoy national sovereignty is free to move to one of those 22 Arab states, but no Arab sovereignty will exist in Israeli territory, meaning the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

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JM_San_Diego wrote:

In Israeli terms, “peace” means the Palestinians will stop their rockets, bombs and bullets aimed at Israelis.

In Palestinian terms, “peace” means having all the Israelis swimming straight out to sea and never coming back.

So, yeah, Palestinians *do* have no hope for peace.

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TripleA60 wrote:

If Palestinians laid down their weapons there would be peace… If Israel laid down their weapons there would be a lot of dead Israelites.

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truedemocrat wrote:

hamas is still a terrorist organization , right???? they don’t want peace, they want to rule all,

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I remember when Obama was first elected how a wave of optimism flowed over Palestine…

How’d that work out for you?!

Same here in America, too!

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