Chadians advance in Mali troop moves against Islamists

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americanguy wrote:

Thank to President Obama and his respect for other countries instead of demanding everyone bow to the will of the US, the world is actually working together for peace, and to defeat terrorists.

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JapanViewer wrote:

“Imagine a war where no one showed up to fight”, as the saying goes. These noble French and African soldiers may come, but none of the Islamist fighters will be around to fight. For now. Later, they’ll carry on a insurgent campaign that will bleed these forces to despair.
Hence the international forces cannot be content on “taking the towns back”. They need to relentlessly scout for and rout out the Islamist scum from their hiding places. Only then will they achieve the stability they seek.
In the meanwhile, may Allah be with the international forces. This is a holy war. A justified war against the real infidels of Islam.

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americanguy: There’s one like you born every minute…

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CountryPride wrote:

Thank you King OWEbama, we have to continue to listen to you, the Democrats and the lapdog media blame the GOP for the fiscal problems of the nation scaremongering the American people saying they want to starve our children and let our old people die if we cut back spending but we sure can keep running Trillion dollar deficits with money borrowed from China to keep warmongering around the world in issues absolutely nothing to do with us.

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