Protests mark anniversary of landmark abortion ruling

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Electra225 wrote:

You state “ruling that made abortion legal in the first three months of pregnancy.” It’s my understanding that it is legal until the child/baby/fetus is viable (survive outside the uterus).

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Azza9 wrote:

“Across the street, Roy McMillen, 69, an anti-abortion activist, said the procedure led to social ills that cost everyone.”

So does allowing another bitter, unwanted life in to the world. Pro “Life” people like to say “you could be killing the next Einstein or Mandella” you could also be stopping the next Hitler or Adam Lanza from being born… So the hypothetical “societal ills” are cancelled out by the hypothetical societal benefit.

But TBH I find abortion outside of the event of rape and health concern to be rather selfish. Snuffing out a potential life because you lack self control I find ethically unpalatable. And I don’t buy the whole needing abortion to have control over your body either… Women have the SAME level of control as men do. We can keep it in out pants, you can close your legs. Abortion actually gives women MORE control over their bodies then men do, not 100% sure if I find this unfair though. Of course we do not live in a world were everyone is responsible and has self control, I myself am not a paragon of virtue and I don’t expect others to be.

To force a woman to give birth to a child they do not want only creates more resentment, in the mother, in the child and eventually in society. This resentment can only turn in to something bad for everyone pro “life” and pro “choice” included.

I think abortion should be permitted even in the case of reckless promiscuous behaviour. But I would not pose it as a RIGHT but as a CONCESSION to women to correct a societal imbalance. Feminists rage on about having control over their own body but ultimately they are affecting another’s body (the baby/ foetus). Even though I don’t regard a foetus as a full human life capable of suffering. The genetic material that makes up the foetus is not a part of you despite it’s dependence on you for survival.


I am not your average religious fundie, I do not adhere to an ancient and equally irrelevant piece of literature, I’m an atheist. So I can see the necessity of an abortion service to society without being clouded by dogma of religion.
I do see that there is an imbalance of consequence when it comes to reckless promiscuous behaviour between men and women. If a man knocks woman up he can be 5 states over before the woman even finds out she’s up the duff, unlikely situation but it happens. Without abortion the woman will cop all the consequence leaving the man relatively scott free. This is creates an imbalance between genders.

While I find getting an abortion in this case to be unethical and selfish. It’s unfair to leave all the responsibility and consequence to the woman. As it takes two to tango both parties should be responsible and if they aren’t both should be held accountable for the unwanted life. But with reckless pregnancy it’s hard to find the man and make him accountable, so for the sake of fairness abortion I think it should be allowed as a concession for this imbalance.

Getting the right to abortion should not be seen as a win, it’s really a consolation prise then a progression in equality. I’m Pro accountability/ responsibility.

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CF137 wrote:

Azza9, that is a very well reasoned view that I found myself agreeing with. Abortion seems like it’s just another political view that’s been hijacked and polarized by the left and right (either all good or it’s all bad.) There are a lot of morally gray areas in the debate that most people do not want to talk about that I think you covered very well.

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justinolcb wrote:

news flash- Roe vs Wade is ficticious – and she had the baby, both mom and daughter are “Born Again” Christians and “Roe” never intended to have an abortion.

Very sad day for more victims of abortion than the Holocaust as well as their suviving moms who will never know the joy of the life that was taken.

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susette wrote:

While abortion in any case may be a sad reality, there will be no shortage of women who deem it necessary to have one. This is a case of CHOICE. Just as much a constitutional right as those who tote guns as a RIGHT – (who by the way are often the same people who want to outlaw abortion as MURDER).

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