Into deep space: second U.S. firm takes aim at mining asteroids

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tmc wrote:

First, we need FISH. NASA should be directed to farming the oceans and feeding the soon to be NINE BILLION people.
I love space technology far more than the vast majority of the public, and I understand the technology advaced derived form the space programs. But we can also get advance technologies with a new goal. Without some sort of GSA organization like NASA, we can’t get the necessary R&D going.

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jhvance wrote:

The official designation seems to be “FireFly”, with the 2nd “f” capitalized. I would think Joss Whedon (or the studio) would have copyrighted the term “Firefly” for any class of space vessel, however hypothetical, and the extra capital letter would likely not be a sufficient distinction to avoid infringement were the issue to be litigated.

Perhaps an amicable solution might involve licensing the term in return for assistance in underwriting a sequel to the film “Serenity”, or better yet a prequel set in the timeline between the series’ last episode and the film that would include the entire cast of characters!

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AlfredReaud wrote:

Hopefully life mimics art here. When we look back from the far future, we may think Larry Niven a prophet. His “Tales of Known Space” series talks much about Belters, individuals who mine the Asteroid belt and find evidence of “Outsiders”.

Me, I would set course for the leading and trailing Trojan points in Earths orbit. Things that land at these points tend to stay there in a stable fashion. No telling what interesting debris one might find…

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