Cameron to promise Britons straight choice on EU exit

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US politicians routinely promise pie in the sky bye and bye, but when the time comes for them to make good on those promises, something always comes up to cause them to break them. I hope that British politicians are more honest than that.

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sylvan wrote:

What a pathetic, privileged, arrogant hack, nothing more.

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pbgd wrote:

“Provided he wins the election” — Why is there always a proviso attached to such so-called “promises”? Why not state firmly and unequivocally: “There will be a referendum on such and such a date”?

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Loucleve wrote:

This is awesome. The EU was crammed down the citizens throats by the brussels bureacrats.

Bring it on home.

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Azza9 wrote:

Must suck to be a Brit ATM.

You have two choices here, both with their uncertainties.
Cut the cord and go it alone or keep tethered to a possibly sinking ship.

One side has you going it alone in an economic system were global is the new status quo. This could lead the UK in to a stagnant growth or even a decline as it struggles to reinstate it’s former glory. It might even strain/complicate trade relations too with the former EU members.
It could also give Britain the independence to make decisions better suited to her interests. Therefore leading to growth by not being burdened by a homogeneous set of rules that may not be working for Britain.

The other side though is shackling the UK’s success to other parties it doesn’t have real control over. If say other Euro Zone countries were to falter like Greece did they would deem to pull Britain down with them. On the other hand, sticking to the EU and staying true could help keep bridges open that could later on be relied upon. A functional united EU has potential to be stronger then a fractured Europe.

Looks like a hard choice for your leaders and people…

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mixup wrote:

In my view the principle of “democratic accountability” is of paramount importance.
Merkel has seemingly appointed herself as the de-facto President of Europe on the basis that Germany is the largest donor to the EU finances. However she has been elected by just one member country.
It is time for a referendum in ALL EU countries. I am sure that the German electorate would vote “No” because they would fear diminished control.
The project should have remained as it was originally intended – as a “common market”. If the proposed closer integration is going to succeed then a system of democratic accountability is the first requirement. We all know that this will not happen.

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randburg100 wrote:

As usual, a worthless “promise” from Camoron – he doesn’t have the balls to give a date – only “if” the Tories win the election!

Well, matey boy, we don’t want you, though come to think of it – your chums in NewLieMore are just as bad – so, don’t bother Camoron – do you think we’re THAT stupid? Oh …wait….

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JoeObserver wrote:

EU would be better off without Britain, as Britain has played divide and rule game over many centuries which have resulted countries destroyed, innocent inhabitants killed and wealth plundered. The same can happen with EU too.

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BullsnBears44 wrote:


Brilliantly put. Tough choice, one I’m glad I don’t have to make.

Jan 23, 2013 2:41am EST  --  Report as abuse
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