Beyonce lets others do talking on lip-synch drama

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88guy wrote:

I don’t get it – and I’m a guy who has no beef with soft news stories, entertainments news, etc. What, on earth, it all the fuss about this deal? I was a professional musician, most of my life – people lip sync to pre-recorded tracks all the time…and for a variety of reasons. The polar ice caps are melting, and this stuff is dominating a lot of the news. I feel like I’m living on the wrong planet. She sang it – if she sang it yesterday, and recorded it, then played the recording back for the event and lip synced the thing… what?

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pCohee wrote:

What sort of a name is this? Beyonce? like, bounce and beyond? Must we have an acute or circumflex accent or apostrophe mark? Must one craft a persona under a sobriquet that sounds like a cheap champagne-like beverage to fake the national anthem? What silliness.

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shellbank wrote:

This Beyonce business is nothing more than media contrived drama. No one is complaining that the actual inaugeration on Monday was a fake, after all the President was officially sworn in on Sunday. For CNN to have had “Breaking News” on the subject was ridiculous and made the cable news look even more ridiculous than usual. I’m not worried about Beyonce, I’m worried that our media has lost all credibility and we are left uninformed, or ill informed.

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flipzipp wrote:

Why does she need to lip sync it then? She should just sit there and let the song play if there is no intent of deceit. Or at minimum should be announced it is going to be pre-recorded.

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reider wrote:

It was cold, she didn’t think it was a big deal, she just had a baby, she didn’t have time to rehearse,everybody does it, Pavarotti’s(don’t even try and compare)done it,it was Bush’s fault,these are all ridiculous excuses! Beyonce’ isn’t a professional and shouldn’t have even been invited to perform if the best she can do is a lame attempt at faking it, this wasn’t the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Although our nation has been slimed.

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Rockyone wrote:

If the President of the United States request you to sing at his Inauguration and you accept that request, then you should be prepared to give a “Command Performance”.

Singing the national anthem like a drag queen with all glam and big floppy lips at President Barack Obama’s Inauguration, would not be considered a Command Performance. If I want to see lip syncing, I would go to a neighborhood drag show or a Britney Spears concert. All the other artist were able to sing live and take the time to rehearse with the US Marine Band. Why would someone record and then find time to practice lip syncing but not find time to rehearse with the band?

While in their 70′s Aretha Franklin and Barbra Streisand sing in the rain and cold. The mid 40′s is not that cold, especially when you live in New York.

After hearing Jennifer Hudson belting out an incredible rendition live of “Let’s Stay Together” at President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Ball, I am sure Beyonce got stage fright.

Jennifer and Beyonce co-starred in Dream Girls and Beyonce performance was panned and Jennifer received an Oscar for her performance. Beyonce is overwhelmed and frighten by Jennifer’s talent.

The real divas of the inauguration were Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkston.

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Anti-Kabbalah wrote:

US Marine Band can played live, with military pay. Beyonce makes $400/600,000,000 plus (Husband Jay z makes $Billions) and she lip-synch??? Because it was cold, no time to rehearse etc? We are doom!!

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BlueOkie wrote:

Really! That’s the news of the world, someone lip sinking their own voice

Jan 24, 2013 7:21am EST  --  Report as abuse
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