Analysis: Obama's next climate steps apt to be temperate

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tatman wrote:

the only way to get anything done in today’s dysfunctional political hostage drama is to sidestep congress, who are totally beholden and paid for by the oil industry. the congressional republican criminals would see america awash in oil and our people suffocating on polluted air — all while lining their pockets. they have done everything possible to subvert and destroy our economic recovery, investments into alternative energy, and to mislead the american people as to the true facts, benefits and progresses we have made over the last 4 years to secure american energy independence.

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CountryPride wrote:

That’s right Obama, keep increasing regulations so it will make it even harder for American factories to operate and then eventually just move to China, who in turn just has their pollution eventually blow across the Pacific into the West Coast of the US. What will you do about that? Wave you imperial wand and make it disappear?

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corynoone wrote:

Believe it or not, the United States is not the world’s largest polluter anymore. We have done a lot to regulate and cut down on emissions in the last 10 or 15 years. That being the case and given our current situation, why are we focusing on this rather than the economy and job creation?

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Perhaps his lasting presidential legacy, Obama has championed two founding tenets of liberal-progressive government, 1) tax, regulate and spend to grow the size and power of central government, and 2) expand a debilitating, partisan voter dependency upon government with bribes of government benefits.

Here are some of the Obama Administration’s new, excessive and costly regulations:
• While Obama has deferred most of his environmental agenda items until his “more flexible” second term, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had the costliest regulations in 2012 amounting to $172 billion;
• The widely unpopular Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., “Obama Care”) legislation continues to burden American business with an additional 44 million paperwork hours (over 21 thousand man-years labor) needed from the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the Center for Medicare Services and the Food and Drug Administration;
• The controversial Dodd-Frank financial reforms legislation requires 32.7 million new paperwork hours (over 15 thousand man-years labor) from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission;
• Obama has enacted regulations amounting to over $34.6 billion in new regulatory costs to our 30 largest corporations;
• The most costly of all new regulations fall under the requirements for energy efficiency and fuel conservation totaling $311 billion.

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Bob9999 wrote:

Temperate climate steps are okay for America. It’s sub-tropical and tropical climate that would be problematic.

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