Davos bosses hunt $5 trillion new revenue in low-growth world

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SanPa wrote:

That’s an amount less than the amount which the US must cut to return the budget back to steady state.

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OneOfTheSheep wrote:

Does it take a rocket scientist to see that all economic projections and expectations based on population growth HAVE TO FAIL? The Earth has SEVEN BILLION humans on it…far more than can possibly be sustained over today’s possible life span.

“Third world” countries, some quite large, have populations still growing and the specific “source demographic” are people with no land, no wealth, no education, no job, no education and little prospect for any of these things. Their lives, and those of their children, are least likely to break from a historical pattern of “short, brutal and nasty”.

No politician can survive that tells this inconvenient and unfortunate truth.

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zeddd wrote:

in less than 100 years the world will have less than 1 billion people. it is the end of oil and nothing will replace this. there simply is no way to deal with this. the fall of industrial civilization cannot be halted.

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postpeak wrote:

Oneofthesheep and Zeddd – both are right on. It’s GREAT to see that more people are finally recognizing that there are LIMITS TO GROWTH. One thing, Zedddd: we are not running out of oil, we are facing declining net energy; this is an important distinction and should not be confused with the amount of oil in the Earth.

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gee.la wrote:

They only need to worry $4 trillion now.

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paintcan wrote:

@OOTS and Zeddd – before human life on this planet consented to being reduced or written off as surplus and expendable to keep the less than 5% in standards of living they are addicted to in mass quantities, not to mention the enormous waste the developed world’s standard of living generates, I think we can expect that they will totally destroy the powers that be and render the lives of the 5% a living misery.

The wealth of this country – largely a matter of debt, actually, because it bought and continues to buy so much of it on credit, is largely dependent on many of the people OOTS and his ilk consider unimportant.

The less affluent in this world have a great strength that the 5% forgot. They know how to live on less. That is an enormous and unappreciated strength. The Afghans are a perfect illustration of that fact. The entire world could turn into Afghanistan if this country, or any other developed countries, became so blind and smug that politicians actually started to talk the OOTS line. OOTS always thinks poverty equals stupidity. In fact – it’s the other way around OOTS. The desperate tend to get very smart very quickly because their lives depend on it.

There would be so many more “Afghanistans” this country would die under their combined struggling weight. That great mass of expendable humanity would, overnight, approve measures, both legal and self-defensive, to ensure that their own deaths had as much company as possible. One should fully appreciate how quickly countries can make enemies if they choose to. WE have been making a living on that for over 100 years.

One can count on the “under funded” to make life miserable for the undeservedly wealthy. That is how they will see the situation. They would have no reason not to.

It doesn’t do the landlords of the planet any good if all they own are rotting buildings and a diminishing world of tenants.

BTW – Rome was reduced in a matter of a few centuries form a city of over 1 million inhabitants to a village of about 3,000. Ain’t that breathtaking? The one thing the world can make as quickly as babies is millionaires. The species puts a higher premium on babies.

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OneOfTheSheep wrote:


You use statistics as a drunk uses a lamppost, for support and not illumination. If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% in this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and spare change in a dish, you are among the top 8% o the world’s wealthy. Since you obviously own your own computer you are one of only 1% in the world that do. YOU are one of the “landlords of the planet”.

Yet somehow in the alternate universe of your mind you don’t see yourself an being in the “less than 5% in standards they are addicted to…” group. Open your eyes. The “wealth of this country” is in no way dependent on those with no money, no education, no land, no job, no skills and little liklihood of any of these things.

People who have been productively employed as clerks, secretaries, travel agents, meter readers, bookkeepers, tax preparers, order takers, and salespeople, etc. are finding their “expertise” increasingly without value to employers who do more and more of this work with fewer people and computers/software. Their sole hope of feeding themselves are the part time positions more and more businesses are creating.

Businesses are laying off expensive full time employees with benefits and hack up their responsibilities into simple tasks anyone with 6th grade reading and math can “master in two weeks or less. Those that can not secure even one of these dead-end positions are, in fact, “surplus and expendable” to society’s needs.

And you’ve got things backwards, as usual. All who live in poverty aren’t stupid, and all who are stupid don’t live in poverty. But those who are stupid that live in poverty, “hand to mouth”, when faced with additional adversity don’t “get smart” at any speed.

They get desperate. Desperation, like anger, makes people even more stupid. THIS is the demographic that puts a “higher premium on babies” today, and they slave all their lives to pay that premium.

BTW, At the height of the ancient city’s population of approximately 1,000,000 inhabitants, Roman aqueducts were capable of delivering up to 1 cubic meter of water per person. In the waning days of the western empire, invading Germanic tribes cut the supply of water into Rome.

Only the Aqua Virgo, which ran completely underground, continued to deliver water. Full access to running water wasn’t re-established until the Renaissance. Rome’s huge population was simply unsustainable by alternate means.

Commerce, lifeblood of government and taxes progressively collapsed. As always, the better off lost less than those living “hand to mouth”. Over time a majority of inhabitants pretty much had to leave with what little they could carry with them. The rest of their lives would be spent in smaller, incredibly less efficient societies and more self-sufficient societies.

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