Supersized court challenge to New York City's ban on big, sugary sodas

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citizen033 wrote:

I think this law is unconstitutional, so I hope it will be struck down. Mayor Bloomberg seems pretty heavy-handed to me on a variety of issues. This is important for the whole nation because if this stands in New York, I suspect Michelle Obama will be spear-heading similar efforts everywhere.

This reminds me of that Supersize Me documentary with Spurlock years ago. He parades his stunt out like a scientific study, forces himself into grotesque behaviors, and then claims to have proved that fast-food is the cause of obesity. He could have pulled the same stunt with white rice and peanuts. How un-thought-provoking, and what a self-serving waste of our time!

People need to pay attention to what they eat and how much they eat. And if you don’t take a full week and write it down to add up the calories, then you are just fooling yourself. Some folks with diabetes certainly shouldn’t be having a soda—but a law prohibiting its sale?? Demonizing one or another restaurant or type of food is almost always bound to wind up a reductionistic fallacy.

But, if Bloomberg wants to go this route to solve the obesity “epidemic” why not call for a prohibition on alcohol to save lives? Certainly seems more pressing to me.

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