Palestinians say they may have no choice but to take Israel to Hague court

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DeanMJackson wrote:

The caption reads, “The Palestinians declared Wednesday that they will have no choice but to complain about Israel to the International Criminal Court if the Jewish state proceeds with plans to build housing on land the Palestinians want for a future state.”

Well, according to the League of Nation’s “Palestine Mandate” (1922), the legal document that affirms the limits of the Jewish Homeland, the West Bank and Gaza are Jewish territories. Property rights, however, has never stopped international “Courts of Justice” from siding with the side that has oil. Of course, since the International Criminal Court has no enforcement powers, Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza will continue to suffer, and this will bring us to the next Act in this 48-year long Arab Government’ play:

Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza will be told to change their strategy from a “Two-State Solution” to a “One-State Solution”. You see, in 1964 Arab governments signed on to the “new” “Long-Range Strategy” towards Israel: The “One-State Solution”.

Why did Arab governments have to revise their strategy towards Israel in January 1964 (at the Arab League’s first summit in Cairo, Egypt), you ask? Because in 1963 Israel was rumored to have either acquired its first atomic bomb or tested one.

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UnderRated wrote:

An israeli former cabinet member once stated, when asked about the future of the ‘state of palestine’, “When we are done, they can call what they have left a sovereign state, or they can call it fried chicken.” The palestinians will be fighting a guerilla war for as long as they can survive. Let the innocent party throw the first stone, that’s what I say. What? There is no innocent party? Shocker!

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What’s the point??? The Hague court was designed in such a way as to be completely toothless… There are several Americans wanted by the ICC but they will never see “justice”, because the balance of powers will never allow for them to be even arrested, much less tried…

The ICC is a joke of the global impotence in the face of imperialistic and economic interests…

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rgbviews wrote:

Israel should have been taken to the ICC long ago. Of course the ICC will rule in favour of the Palestinians and of course the Netanyahu gang will discredit and ignore the ruling. But what follows will rule. Israel will be confirmed as a rogue apartheid state, boycotted by consumers world-wide, and sanctioned by many countries. It is this economic force that will destroy the country.

To avoid this scenario, moderate ethical Jews inside and outside Israel must get rid of the extremists and renew the democracy within the 1967 boundaries.

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Shuayb wrote:

Israeli planning and infrastructure work in E-1 has been taking place on and off for 13 years now.

Part of the plan includes a road, that has already been started, that will connect Palestinian villages around Jerusalem and the northern and southern West Bank as a whole—a road that has never existed, a road that will facilitate Palestinian travel, and will be built on the Israeli taxpayer’s dime.

The construction will provide housing to any Israeli citizen—Sunni, Shiite, Druze, secular Jew, Orthodox Jew, Christian, Baha’i—just as housing in West Jerusalem or elsewhere in Israel does.

Those opposing the construction, call for the area to be free of Jews. They claim that Israel’s plan to provide housing indiscriminately to any Israeli citizen, regardless of color or creed, is a racist apartheid policy.

The construction in E-1 and the eventual neighborhood will provide employment to thousands of Palestinians.

The insistence that Jews, and only Jews, be excluded from an area, may lead to events such as the ones brilliantly depicted in Jonathan Bloomfield’s award-winning book, “Palestine,” in which actual history and future predictions are thinly veiled as fiction.

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rgbviews wrote:

I’m afraid that most of the world believes that E-1 is in the State of Palestine….. your discourse seems a little out-of-place. Better you explain how Israel allows Israeli arabs to develop land behind the 67 boundary.

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