Union membership falls to lowest percentage in 76 years

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Tony2238 wrote:

Blaming the Republican Party for union membership losses is patently ridiculous. The unions are their own worst enemies. Take a look at what they did to General Motors and Hostess Brands. Millions for the fat-cat union bosses and the rank-and-file get the shaft. Moreover, unions have been abusing their members for decades by funneling union dues into political activities against the wishes or without the knowledge of their members. Teachers’ unions are a prime example of the latter. The reason unions are declining is because Americans don’t see a favorable cost-benefit ratio in joining one.

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Bubba311 wrote:

This is the best news the private sector economy has received in the last four years. Among other influences, it is no coincidence that the economy has begun to expand as the power of unions has declined.

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cyke1 wrote:

Problem with unions when they get to a certain size, they force companies in to bad contracts. Here in Michigan there was a lot of that, one thing they did was required membership. To get highered at some places you had to join the union else you can’t work there. Unions have their good but they also have their bad, As tony said look at 2 major companies cause unions generous contract almost killed GM. More recent story a few years back a bunch of guys that work at a Chrysler factory. Filmed and confronted cause when they were on their lunch break, drinking beer. They were fired, but 1 year later the union got them their jobs back at the plant. No where else would that be allowed cept a union controlled job.

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kmh333 wrote:

Good, now if we can totally get rid public unions we would be much better off.

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