State Department pick Kerry draws praise, outlines policy at hearing

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revamadison wrote:

Having worked in a number of consulates and embassies, I would remind everyone that the Secretary of state, and the various Ambassadors around the world, do not have a policy. It is the policy of the United States of America, that each of them is there to carry out, and that policy is directed by the President of the United states, and he through the advice and consent of congress. A foreign Affairs Committee is responsible to pass on this policy, which the Secretary and Ambassadors follows. Of course, one group always thinks they are more important, in the scheme, and their outlook more correct than others, so the Secretary works light-footed but cannot prance around doing his/her job. Mostly, that is to direct Ambassadors and staff, much as the chief operating officer of a corporation, and responsible to their board of directors. The Secretaries other job is to meet and greet with foreign nations officials who are usually ministers of foreign affairs. They talk, and make agreements to what they feel is right, but that decision goes thru the President, and often congress.

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justinolcb wrote:

wait, now all the sudden we are supposed to like rich old white guys?? this is the wealthiest man in politics

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FRPSR wrote:

Sen Kerry has suffered the slings and arrows of ill tempered assaults with an aplomb both rare and supple . His ability to endure those personal attacks funded by anonymous monies in 2003 was above , and beyond the call of duty .

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Carmi wrote:

John Kerry is about a good a choice for Secretary of State as there is.(The amount of money he has nor his age and skin color should make a difference justinolcb.)

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Doc62 wrote:

Good choice Mr President. He will be a true bipartisan negotiator and will not anger the other side of any table.
Chazz Palmieri and Michelle Pfeiffer? Guess they fired stoner Kal Penn. He is going to answer phones for the White House – from Mumbai!

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