France sees no sign Syria's Assad will be toppled soon

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Slammy wrote:

testing… my earlier comment has not appeared… testing..

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Slammy wrote:

either my earlier comment was reported as abuse or the Reuters system has a glitch…. here I go again.

I figured out a way The Cowardly Lion might still win this war, and possibly very quickly. First, as many of you know, the Syrian Regime’s position is that the opposition is funded by the West, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. That foreign fighter are infiltrating Syria from Turkey and Jordan and those two countries are either turning a blind eye to this infiltration or actively helping these fighters cross into Syria. That very few Syrians are involved in the opposition, it is mostly made up of these foreign fighters. Do any Pro-Assad people see anything wrong with my facts so far?
Ok, here is my idea based on the above facts, the Syrian regime should place a kalashnikov and 1,000 rounds of ammunition in the hand of every Sunni male in the country with the pledge that it is their patriotic duty to guard the borders against such infiltrators. Maybe give 1 in every 100 Sunni men a tank or artillery piece to use as backup against worst of the foreign fighters. The Sunni can then patrol the borders and their neighborhoods with the equipment needed to stop the spread of these “terrorist.” This should increase the size of the regime’s police and military presence 100 fold, maybe a 1000 fold.
If the facts in my first paragraph are accurate, why would this not work?

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Fromkin wrote:

“France continues, like others, to try find a solution so that Bashar is replaced and that a united Syria that respects all communities is achieved. However, we are far from it,” Fabius said.

The key words in this quote is “Bashar is replaced”. This regime change objective has been the “obsession” of western leaders and Arab tyrans since day one. Sadly thousands men, women and children have to die to achieve that goal…

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Slammy wrote:


I am glad to see you as you of all people should see the wisdom of my previous post. Which is, if the Syrian regime, and yourself, are correct in that the opposition is made up of mostly foreigners sneaking in through Turkey and Jordan, the best plan at this point is arm the Sunni population to teeth and enlist their support to help fight these “terrorists.” Will you help me convince the Syrian regime of the need to begin arming their Sunni population so peace can finally be brought to Syria. What could possibly go wrong with this approach. Good to see you again!

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

OK, I am reading the reuters’ headline:
Europe urges citizens to leave Libya’s Benghazi

And then French saying something about trying “to find a solution” for Syria… It is not even funny anymore. They achieved the solution for Libya – “protected Bengazi from Gaddhafi” – and now are enjoying that “solution”. Remember, Muammar explained that he was sending troops to clean Bengazi from the AlQaida terrorists? And then French with te help of other Europeans and their American friends had bombed the crap of Libyan army to “save Bengazi” and helped uneducated savage brutes to brutally murder poor Muammar? Now Libya, formerly the most prosperous country in Africa with GNI/person of about 15k$/year is destroyed, its formerly beautiful cities are in ruins and people are doomed to misery for many years to come. And French are seeking now for “solution” in another country – Syria? Are they doped there? How else could Fabius and his alikes be so delusional?

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xcanada2 wrote:


Item 1. It gives the impression that the object is to destroy these countries, and the people be damned. If the West can’t dominate them, then it destroys them. Pure and simple ruthless imperialistic practice.

Item 2: Destroy them before democracy gets them. Democracy could also be dangerous for the West.

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