Microsoft profit dips ahead of Office revamp

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UncleNed-222 wrote:

Considering what they did to Windows with the advent of Windows 8, I hate to consider how they’ll screw up Office.

Microsoft could make up that lost revenue if they offer paid extended support for Window XP & 7 – two relatively useable products they already have – for another few years- to give it’s entrenched users (like myself) plenty of extra time to convert to Mac or maybe a more evolved Chrome or something… [a few more years?? YES! 'Cause I'm an old, slow, set in my ways, non-tech sort of a guy -you got a problem with that???] I was seriously considering buying a new Windows desktop – until Windows 8 came out. But I just hate buyers remorse. And windows products don’t just have a way to connect your old and new desktops to each other and click “TRANSFER FILES, SETTINGS, ARCHIVED EMAILS AND EVERYTHING ELSE”. No, they introduce little pleasantries like replacing outlook express with “LIVE MAIL” – each new version of Windows presenting us new file formats for archived emails and new procedures for transferring email signature files. And with XP, they made searching for your own onboard files an extended, hit and miss ordeal, compounding the agony with Windows 7′s still more awkward so-called search feature.

Looking cautiously towards a Mac or Chrome future…

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AsokAsok wrote:

From CNNMoney: “Windows sales rose 24% to $5.8 billion in the quarter that ended Dec. 31. Microsoft unveiled its years-in-the-making Windows overhaul on Oct. 26. But [the Windows 8 launch] pales in comparison to prior launches of the operating system: Windows sales soared 76% during the quarter that Windows 7 launched, and rose by 65% when Windows Vista debuted.”

Well, the Windows 8 disaster that myself and ten thousand other analysts and testers have been predicting for over six months has now been confirmed. Windows 8 is doing only 1/3 as good compared to Windows 7 and Vista came out. And guess what? PC sales as a whole are NOT 3 times worse as in those two previous cases, so it’s completely bogus to be claiming that a slump in PC sales is to blame. And besides, hasn’t Microsoft and all of their “partners” been claiming that Windows 8 was just the thing to turn that PC slump around? Kind of ironic that now they’re trying to blame the PC slump for bad Windows 8 performance, don’t you think?

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wthcares wrote:

UncleNed-222, don’t waste anymore time, I switched to Macs about 8 mos. after my 1st iPhone 3GS and haven’t looked back. You want all your gadgets to work together seamlessly? Apple wins hands down, Ms and Android users just don’t get it! Ok so my employer is still entrenched with Mickeysoft, so when I need to log in from home I will run XP under Vmware Fusion. Btw, those cloud versions of Ms Office… they’re horrible, everybody at work hates them.

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